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Bloopers from the original series from the 60`s.
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25 Responses to “STAR TREK BLOOPERS 1960`s”

  1. GT3RD says:

    I have not seen this since the late 70′s as a student at Cal State Fullerton… this screened once each year with other gems like “Bambi Meets Godzilla”

  2. captmurdock says:

    @RosalineScarlett Actually, it’s not “The Deadly Years” (although that latex fools ya). It’s from “Return to Tomorrow.” The guy played the android body that Sargon, Hanok and Thelessa were building; basically he lays there, raises an arm, etc. When he was pulling off the latex, the other guy was saying “You wanted to be in show business, well goddamit you got it!”, he was giving his shit for collecting a paycheck just for lying around and being uncomfortable for hours on end.

  3. Realmasterorder says:

    Yup these should definetely be on the DVD and BR collection

  4. 1daddy57 says:

    Can we play 1:46 when he dies please?!!? lol!!

  5. RosalineScarlett says:

    Thanks, I thought it must have been that one, still can’t place which actor though :P

  6. ricker01100 says:

    @RosalineScarlett the deadly years. hope that helps i hate not knowing bits of trivia xd

  7. RosalineScarlett says:

    Ah, real ones! These made me laugh so much. What’s the one at 1:04 though? Can’t place it.

  8. Rockyet says:

    thanks for these. We need more good times and laughs like this. Miss the old days.

  9. L1onL4dy607 says:

    2:19 Leonard Nimoy clapping like a seal XD

  10. nineball039 says:

    I saw these (thought it was longer) in Cambridge MA as an opener for The Man Who Fell to Earth. The bloopers were much better than the movie!

  11. sshiny7 says:

    @ButtcrackBill100 nah I think thats star wars..

  12. 5inthehole says:

    Only if the aliens were multi-millionaires and the Republicans could first reduce their taxes to zero, that way they could dismantle medicaid & medicare for the less fortunate aliens to come and get rid of social security so senior citizans could live in shanty towns so the aliens could take their homes. After thinking about it the alien left, thinking it would be more humane to live under a Nazi regime. Seig Hiel Channey is your wish isn’t it putz?

  13. 2046november says:

    Spock had a cell phone. LOL.

  14. GuitarBlues3 says:

    At 2:48 McCoy should’ve said, “I’m a doctor, not a fighter.”

  15. franj1999 says:

    When Spock grabbed her breast lol

  16. aei05h1 says:

    @MrBEB123 I don’t think it would be the Obama administrations choice to make tbh

  17. MrBEB123 says:

    I wonder if the Obama administration would grant amnesty to Space Aliens if they came to Earth.

  18. ButtcrackBill100 says:

    Ain’t Star Trek the film that got that guy whats his name, Duke Skywalker in it? I forget.

  19. hockeywifeca says:

    The only sad thing is that the video isn’t clearer. Priceless, indeed! :)

  20. bullwhip2whip says:


  21. Joez86 says:

    Great fun.

  22. LibraGamesUnlimited says:

    Why was Apache Cheif trying to kidnap Kirk? :)

  23. flobogirl6 says:

    “If they refuse to move out on cue- Screw them!” each time I watch this scene in this video I have to replay it and laugh the same way I did the first time. lmao

  24. lauraandjamesjo4 says:

    @NonnyMus1 LOL I knew number three. I just thought it was hilarious. Haha. Number to is awesome and now that I heard number 1 its funny. ;) Funnier. :) I love this show.

  25. youneekk says:

    Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see…

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