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Star Trek 11 Trailer – The NEW one (March) and in FULL HDTV!!

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25 Responses to “Star Trek 11 Trailer – The NEW one (March) and in FULL HDTV!!”

  1. OutragingByte says:

    I always use this trailer to test the screen quality of new devices :)

  2. samesauce09 says:

    “james g kirk was a great man, but that was another life”… insulting…

  3. lovelylizzie333 says:

    This trailer always gives me chills.

  4. exc123 says:

    @audreyfan855 Likes the casting too with the exception of Scotty, I wish they got a better Scotty

  5. ForbiddenStallion says:

    This bologna is blasphemous! Long live TOS!!!

  6. PrimeTimeJokesta says:

    @Arkinko1 hahaha

  7. oliver9744207 says:

    @shadowlinkplayer lmfao

  8. aczjbr says:

    JJ Abrams raped the spirit of hope the series. only the most young people do not know what he did

  9. aczjbr says:

    Taking a chance, but admirer of the space explorations. I ask for like this the all citizens of the it USA that they help to save James Webb of the cuts of budget of his Congress. Hear the video below. Help to save the humanity’s eyes. And spread for his/her compatriots.

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  10. aczjbr says:

    Rio de Janeiro. I am a fan since 1978. 1st time I saw the original series. was 13. I never gave up believing. I graduated engineer for the series. today after the 2009 movie, I’ll never see another. What did the story was a crime. there were so many possible stories and chose to destroy Vulvano.Caso were alive, Gene would not.

  11. audreyfan855 says:

    @KingAlan2K11 JJ Abrams did a FANTASTIC job on this. it’s not supposed to be the story of the original star trek. it’s ultimately an alternate universe with the younger versions of the characters. you can’t compare it to the original or call it an insult because it’s not a remake. i thought the casting was absolutely wonderful. one of my favorite movies.

  12. kallemick says:

    @KingAlan2K11 it would be nice with a new star trek show

  13. shadowlinkplayer says:

    1:50 Say it, don’t spray it.

  14. Arkinko1 says:

    song name is -two steps from hell- freedom fighters btw :

  15. Meyosan says:

    @KingAlan2K11 Actually, there’s strong evidence that Paramount took the material from the Babylon 5 pitch to make Deep Space Nine, as the fact that both series start off with the station commander at the rank of Commander (since when does a commanding officer in Star Trek start off as a Commander?) Also, you can blame Star Trek Generations for the lack of Shatner, since Kirk was killed in it. Another thing is that the characters are in their twenties, not thirties-forties.

  16. KingAlan2K11 says:

    theres actually talk of a new star trek series with these actors in, i might as well go kill myself

  17. KingAlan2K11 says:

    @Meyosan yeah but this was a rip off of star wars, deep space nine rpped off nothing and was good, THIS WAS A PIECE OF SHIT. how can you have a star trek movie with leonard nimoy but not shatner, and also kirk kinda looked like a young william shatner but spock looked nothing like spock from the original series he looked completely different they could at least find a actor that looked a little like leonard nimoy.

  18. Meyosan says:

    @KingAlan2K11 I think it was closer to Roddenberry’s creation than Deep Space Nine was at least.

  19. Iyoossaev says:

    @aylenlake17 Not enough explosions nor lasers in both.

  20. KingAlan2K11 says:

    this was an insult to gene rodenberys creation FUCK JJ.ABRAMS

  21. deepvoicefromraleigh says:

    @mcpenningten12 “Freedom Fighters” by Two Steps From Hell from their Invincible album.

  22. opssee says:

    FIRE EVERYTHING!!! farts*

  23. heavyarms01h says:

    @aylenlake17 I honestly thought the story was much better. I loved the visual effects in Avatar but the story rubbed me the wrong way. Just wondering, though, what do you think would happen if we had James Cameron direct a Star Trek film? We know how creative the guy is considering how he pretty much visualized Avatar’s entire world.

  24. B1GMACNFR1ES says:

    Two steps from hell did an amazing job with the music here. For all who want to know the track is: freedom fighters.

    Another awsome track by them which featured In the mass effect 2 trailer is call heart of courage.

  25. mcpenningten12 says:

    whats that theme music or sng or whatever it is please tell me

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