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Spenser: For Hire (1985) – PILOT OPENING

Mystery/suspense series based on Robert Parker’s “Spenser” novels. Spenser, a private investigator living in Boston, gets involved in a new murder mystery each episode. Using his years of experience, his natural talents for observation and reasoning, and the occasional bit of help from his friend Hawk, Spenser never fails to crack the case. Starring: Robert Urich as Spenser, Avery Brooks as Hawk, Barbara Stock as Susan Silverman, Carolyn McCormick as Assistant District Attorney Rita Fiore, Ron McLarty as Sgt. Frank Belson, Richard Jaeckel as Lt. Martin Quirk.

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25 Responses to “Spenser: For Hire (1985) – PILOT OPENING”

  1. cbowman61 says:

    great show

  2. rathraven1313 says:

    Just the TV movies.

  3. fff1313 says:

    Is spencer out on dvd?????

  4. zframe says:

    Ron Mclarty is the best. “Maybe he’ll piss up a tree” is the best quote ever

  5. groovinghiks says:

    I lived in Cambridge in late 70s and rode the T a lot, and remember watching the pilot and loving the intro and remembering riding the T and the old Park Street station. And this was a terrific show..Avery Brooks was fantastic as Hawk!

  6. CC927 says:

    I used to watch Spenser when it was on TNT back in the late ’90s. I had such a crush on Robert Urich(I miss him so much). The intro music is SEXY.

  7. DerailedThought says:

    Yay Boston!

  8. DerKosmonaut1972 says:

    Yes indeed! This show was one my primary motivations for studying in Boston. The opening scene of the Red Line crossing over the Longfellow Bridge sold me on Boston. I was disaappointed by the time I arrived in 1990 that the Washington Street El had been torn down and Park Street rennovated. I was lucky enough to ride the old rolling stock. This was the reason why I searched this clip in the first place!

  9. joebradio says:

    I’m been reading Spenser books even before the TV show aired (Robert Parker can churn em out) I enjoyed this Urich series, but the A & E movies with Joe Montengna stayed much truer to Parker’s work .. in fact, when you watched those movies, the dialogue was very much like the book it was based on (you can even follow along). I am also enjoying his Jesse Stone books being made into those TV pics with Tom Selleck, they also stay very true to the Parker stories.

  10. jonofwrath says:

    I’ve been reading the books for a year or so now absolutely love Spenser. Where can I get hold of the whole series?

  11. Malin88888 says:

    explore all your wildest fantasies! (meetyourfling) c o m


  12. burbank says:

    This is great. I enjoyed seeing the old Red lines cars and the pre-renovation of Park Street Station. Wow it is so different now!

  13. jumpJIVEwhale says:

    Avery Brooks is a classicly trained actor with noted roles for Shakespere etc….bad dude !

  14. bostonbill47 says:

    Spenser was a terrific show. Being from Boston it was good seeing that into again.

  15. highgrave says:

    RIP Mr Urich

  16. Cavillier1970 says:

    DAMN! I Love this video bubba. Too bad you can’t post the whole pilot. I agree with you guys I’d love to see the series on DVD. Maybe we should start a petition. Worked for other shows like the Magnifcent Seven.

  17. boshenska says:

    Great series!!!! Really miss it!!! The books are also good…read every single one of them!! Come on DVD!!!!

  18. bublicka says:

    good ol’ beantown

  19. copyright1982 says:

    lol 22 years later the T looks exactly the same

  20. rickr442 says:

    GREAT IDEA! but Hawk’d do a better job… Spensaaah was a little wordy to deal with bureaucrats, Hawk’d shorten the discussion a bit, just what Baaahstn needs.
    How about the Kopechnes hire S&H to avenge their daughter? (Revenge best served cold!!!!)

  21. MR1227 says:

    Wow! I never realized they shot alot of footage of the MBTA Red Line for the pilot. Nice how they kept pace with the train while it was crossing the Charles River Bridge.

  22. h1zchan says:

    Thanks for this. brought back some old memories. I loved the show.

  23. RobertPaniagua says:

    I remember this show as well, along with it’s archrival Cagney & Lacey. They both had similar intro/closing music and they were my faves. I also wanna long live the 01400s and Wash St El from the MBTA that I saw in that pilot movie

  24. MetalGuitar06 says:

    most definitly on dvd as soon as possible

  25. IACTOR says:

    alot ao trains ma should have done that . not the big dig. tonight on Spenser: For Hire stoping bad men with greed the big dig

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