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Sparks – Beat the Clock

I think that Russell is the only person on earth who can wear that and still look good. On rewatch, he looks like an anime character, what with that pointy chin and those eyes. Ron looks quite delicious *and* heavily medicated. Just how I like ‘em. Last note: “Skip the foreplay, let ‘er rip?” You’re going to be beating more than the clock with that attitude, mister. This too, is safe in all it’s compression artifacted and out-of-synch glory.

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25 Responses to “Sparks – Beat the Clock”

  1. lisasim says:

    I have a big smile on my face right now :D

  2. blackkat77 says:

    beat up that damn clock!

  3. nuttybex says:

    9 people are envious of Russell’s orange trouser/lime jumper combo

  4. mikey3565 says:

    @MrMafibeats at least you can understand what they say music now days sucks so much ass people rip on this music because there jelous of it knowing if the music today was out back then it wouldnt have lasted 5 mins

  5. MrMafibeats says:

    People STOP hating on SPARKS! they were born ODD and will always be that way, they know exactly what they are up to!!

  6. ErikKnear says:

    Are the girls supposed to sound like, “You gotta beat the cock”? If not, I’ve got a dirty mind…

  7. acertainshape says:

    okay why is this band so misunderstood? the mael bros are ingenious . if you don’t get them, you are truly an idiot.

  8. M73Kevin says:

    @Aznar245 Kiss my ass. You just want to fuck these guys and judging by the video i’m sure they would be into it.

  9. M73Kevin says:

    lame video lame song. Never even heard of this band before.

  10. jackthepirate2 says:

    Super clip ! Les frères Mael sont toujours aussi bon !!!

  11. sanbre1967 says:

    Another great Giorgio Moroder production…..

  12. hallospacegirl says:

    I would give my left nut for an HD upload of this video.

  13. TheItalodancers says:

    Spectacular video & sound 1979

  14. DaveEnsor says:

    Orange and green should never be seen

  15. Grzegorz21061986 says:

    I was born a little premature
    Mom just couldn’t take no more
    Had no time to learn to cry
    Goodbye, Mama, got to fly
    Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

    Perfect song !!! :D :D :D

  16. oldhampride says:

    This tune is WOW but was always speeded up when it was the bars. love Sparks so much! WOW!!

  17. oldhampride says:

    was sooo much better speeded up! But im a big Spaks em!!

  18. clivestanley66 says:

    Got this single back in 70′s great stuff

  19. gibokubrick says:

    Who, like me, discovered The Sparks by watching “Polysics mix – 40 videos”?

  20. rude1987 says:

    I never managed to beat the clock….it’s not worth it

  21. rude1987 says:

    This is my anti-depressant

  22. sandran17 says:

    think 2manydjs did this live

  23. cupojon says:

    modern art

  24. Aznar245 says:

    @M73Kevin no you suck faggot

  25. Aznar245 says:

    6 dumb asses COULDN’T beat the clock

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