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Spanking Ricky: Lucy Ricardo’s Guide to Marriage-I Love Lucy

How to wallop your husband, by Lucy Ricardo. People always remember Ricky spanking Lucy, but forget that Lucy beat up on Ricky more times than he did her. Here is one of those instances where Lucy had the upper hand, so to speak. (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy”)
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25 Responses to “Spanking Ricky: Lucy Ricardo’s Guide to Marriage-I Love Lucy”

  1. roshinelusoi says:

    Travel around the world with an Asian women

  2. jfpOne23 says:


  3. bushmatina says:

    Great Asian women for you

  4. mjazzguitar says:

    Maybe she was frustrated from sleeping in a separate bed.

  5. Beejjjjjj says:

    @dsim200000 , no, she beats him with a newspaper in that episode. This one is “Ricky’s Old Girlfriend.”

  6. dsim200000 says:

    @sugarlipz96 I’m guessing its Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer

  7. DannieTheElf says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I watched this over 3 times and nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard!!

  8. koumakaiyla says:

    too Funny

  9. gymer15 says:

    too bad they never made a porn…im sure desi would have liked the idea

  10. Marinecorps1812 says:

    Thank you, Bri.
    With all this ‘u’ and ‘ur’ going on, the Internet needs more people like you.
    I salute you, good sir/madam.

  11. Bri1126 says:

    @pokemaniac908 uhh, I didn’t spell anything incorrectly. If you’re referring to ‘comedienne’ then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Comedienne is the feminine version of ‘comedian.’ So, just because the word isn’t in *your* vocabulary doesn’t mean it is spelled incorrectly. Think before you speak, eh?

  12. Delia5M says:

    Haha, funny! But of course, if Ricky wanted to, he could drag Lucy down to the floor and pin her there and spank her. It’s so sexy to see a strong, dominant man overpower his woman and have his way with her. :)

  13. DataLady09 says:

    “Ricky’s Old Girlfriend”, Season 3. Lucy dreamed that Ricky left her and Little Ricky for this hot Cuban dancer named Carlota Romero, and when she woke up, she pummeled the crap out of Ricky with her pillow.

  14. sugarlipz96 says:

    wat episode is this?

  15. xxhailybabexx says:


  16. Jennafu832 says:

    HOW HILARIOUS!!! Geez, she got him GOOD!!!!
    Boy, she hits hard with a pillow doesn’t she? :)

  17. RogueTheElfWarrior1 says:

    Lol! Ricky got owned!

  18. Katwoman4318 says:

    Love the separate beds!!! So funny!!!!

  19. RogueTheElfWarrior1 says:


  20. alexandshady says:

    i think Lucy is the greatest comidan of all time she truely is the queen of comedy she is my first female hero cuz my first hero’s are Desi Arnaz, Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, And Marvin Gay. I can play the conga bongo’s saxophone and piano and i’m a pretty funny person and i like to write songs about love so i get the bongos and conga from Desi the Piano from Elvis And the love songs from Marvin Gaye i get the funny from Lucille Ball and the saxophone i just play it for fun.

  21. Beejjjjjj says:

    The official unedited first season of “The Lucy Show” on DVD has FINALLY been announced. Do a search for LucyScroll, or go to this Youtube link for details: watch?v=4-ySG2nZvGk

  22. Bri1126 says:

    Poll the American people and see who they believe is the greatest comedienne. I believe it’s Lucille Ball that is known as “The First Lady of Comedy” “The Queen of Comedy” and “America’s Favorite Redhead” .. not Carol Burnett. Carol Burnett may have been great, but Lucille Ball wrote the book on comedy.

  23. Bri1126 says:

    You’re just trying to raise hell by griping about Lucy where you know it will get a reaction. Grow up. Lucille Ball was and still is the greatest comedienne of all time.

  24. luvdontthinkso11 says:

    what do you mean

  25. shellylove18 says:

    omg it’s just a show you freak sheesh, and a really great show, Lucille Ball was just ACTING. Lucy was the best!

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