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Space: 1999 – TV intro (season 1) HQ (1975)

The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

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25 Responses to “Space: 1999 – TV intro (season 1) HQ (1975)”

  1. tidmouthshed says:

    RIP Barry Morse. Brilliant show.

  2. speeddammit says:

    The theme still gives me goosebumps…and a HUGE retro-rush!!!

  3. jxclone says:


  4. jxclone says:


  5. NewChicago says:

    @david10006 HELL YEA!

  6. kzoframe39 says:

    I figured by this age I would be flying around on the Eagle 1 in deep space.

  7. ungerers says:

    I’ve always thought that this was one of the best series intros. ever made.

  8. Noodles37UK says:

    Just been on Wikipedia. They only did 2 series : ( Didn’t they ever make it home? I was 7 or 8.

  9. GarthanSaal444 says:

    We only had a B&W TV back in ’75, which was 24 years before we lost our moon.

  10. Covertwalrus says:

    @vlweb3d No, Somone forgot to stop Nixon from selling the moon to the Chinese in exchnage for not starting a war with Russia.

  11. baddmanaz says:

    we on earth arent exactly having a picnic eversince the moon left us: tidal waves, temperatures fluctuating from one extreme to the other everyday, tremors, etc. etc.

  12. NLight95 says:

    The musical score of Space 1999 season 1 is my favorite TV show theme of all time. It has an epic, storied sound to it with the raw edge of a late 60′s guitar rip. I love “orchestrated” rock music of the 70′s (ELO, Pink Floyd). I can listen to this theme over and over.

  13. Roadracer987654321 says:

    Remake time again. This show started with a MASSIVE Nuclear 9/11 which killed people and Blasted the Moon and it’s Human Crewed Moonbase out of Earth’s Orbit and into Deep Space Forever…

  14. CaptainNomura says:

    @boomshanka No, but it looked close enough that MGM who made the 2001 movie tried to sue them but I guess the series didn’t last enough.

  15. boomshanka says:

    Is that the same moonbase model that was used in 2001?

  16. ipisking says:

    Gerry and crew thanks for giving us some great entertainment. It is miles above what they are doing now a days.

  17. Seaclam67 says:

    Even though I have the big series set on DVD, this is going to kick ass on when it comes out on Blu-ray in November.

  18. TNTTONE says:

    One of my favorite classic 70′s sci-fi series as a kid. Even to this day, still enjoy every episode.

  19. vlweb3d says:

    In 1999 we were supposed to have a space station on the Moon? Really?
    Well somebody forgot to tell NASA !!!

  20. PerryWerneck says:

    Space 1999 – Mais uma da nostalgia. É impressão minha ou as “eagles” foram usadas em alguns outros filmes da época?

  21. Superbatfan says:

    Funny how back in the 1970s that the year 1999 was thought of as being so futuristic. It is now 2010 and outer space is still nothing like that portrayed on Space 1999, Star Trek, Star Wars, or any of the other sci fi shows.

  22. pbanta62 says:

    @CartoonsKick It fell into the funk “Lost in Space” did when it “went color”. It went shallow to increase its appeal.

  23. bpnsirdiealot says:

    I remember watching as a little boy in the 70′s One of the few show both my sister and I agreed to watch.

  24. dirt031 says:

    I love this intro. One of the best. Although UFO has a great intro too..

  25. GarthanSaal444 says:

    Battlestar Galactica (2003 version) put clips from the episode into the opening credits due to Space 1999 doing it first. We had a black and white TV back in the 1970′s, so I always thought they wither wore a black or a white sleeve. I didn’t know about the multi colors.

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