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Space: 1999 – TV intro (season 1) HQ (1975)

The crew of Moonbase Alpha need to struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

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25 Responses to “Space: 1999 – TV intro (season 1) HQ (1975)”

  1. sismancocuk says:

    uğruna evdeki bibloları kırıp uzay mekikleri yaptığım dizi…. o zamanki bakış açısıyla, ne kadar içine girmiştim dizinin… tanıtımdaki kumlara gömülen mekiğin tozu dumanı üstümde hala.. yuh diyorum! hele bi Maya vardı ki hiç sorma ;)

  2. MrLatinmuscl says:

    @NicverAZ only momentarily as the ‘detonation’ load explodes, as there is no oxygen in space the explosion would go out as soon as its generated.

  3. AnimeGeek441 says:

    There can be explosions, just no shockwaves. Unless it was on a planet, so there was a medium for the shockwave to pass through.

  4. mountainseeker40 says:

    disco in outer space…groovy man!

  5. brianweekes1 says:

    love it. anti-climax in 1999, reality: the IT industry made a mint our of fears of a major computer crash Y2K (and nobody else had a clue, and left it all to the geeks)

  6. pardyhardly says:

    @MyLalinea Yeah we got out of work early.

  7. NicverAZ says:

    @gen8joey There can be fire and explosions in space.

  8. MyLalinea says:

    it is 13 sptember not 11.

  9. MyLalinea says:


  10. MyLalinea says:


  11. southport97 says:

    @MyLalinea Yeah, Bush stuck his head in the sand.

  12. punkrockpub says:

    I just don’t like it, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! One of the Very Best T.V. intros of ALL-TIME!!!!! Many thanks goes out to Maestro Barry Grey!!!!!!!

  13. stangfever04 says:

    @JBofBrisbane hey fellow 99er,yeah seriously,very attractive lady even at her age nowadays,now there were some beautiful women on that show though,joan collins was smokin in one of the episodes,so was maya when she played the android in that one episode.

  14. JBofBrisbane says:

    @stangfever04 – I bought both season box sets, but BARBARA BAIN? Seriously man, there were far more interesting women in the cast than her. Who didn’t fancy Xenia Merton, for instance? Or the one who played Tania?

  15. brybish says:

    looks like this clip is from black sun one of the best episodes.

  16. MyLalinea says:

    do you know what happened on september 11 2001 ?

  17. DrCruel says:

    @gen8joey The fuel and oxidant containment apparatus from the ship’s propulsion system was ruptured on impact, allowing the two substances to mix together with explosive results.

    Not that I ever liked this slow, ponderous, annoyingly weird show. If you want to watch a British Star Trek rip-off, go see the much better Blake’s 7. At least the cheese on that series was intentional.

  18. medicmunoz says:

    I got that toy ship for x-mas back in 76.

  19. SpaceIntruderDetecto says:

    @Jalfmar3 Mine is too! I was too and actually they premiered this show on Sept 13 , 1975 in Jacksonville, Fl anyway. I must admit I was more than disappointed when Sept 13th, 1999 rolled around and still no friggin’ moonbase to speak of!

  20. rusticgt says:


  21. XtranormalStatePlus says:

    @gen8joey Because there’s oxygen inside the spaceship.

  22. ebnyer says:

    @AndyBerman – I don’t have to give you a dime, I don’t remember ever watching this show!!!!!!

  23. AndyBerman says:

    Hi Eileen! Give me a dime :)

  24. RedwoodTheElf says:


    Rots o Ruck with that one, with Obama working to shut NASA down…

  25. Cerulean0987 says:

    @gen8joey Of course you might argue the same thing about Star Trek or Star Wars for that matter.

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