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Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]

Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]

In the year 1999, a spectacular explosion at a lunar nuclear waste dump sends the moon out of Earth’s orbit. In this seminal sci-fi series from producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, UFO), the men and women of Moonbase Alpha are suddenly propelled

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List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 69.99

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4 Responses to “Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]”

  1. Michael E. Brown says:

    Review by Michael E. Brown for Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]
    Apparently Season 1 of Space: 1999 was remastered in HD in the UK back in 2005 and season 2 was remastered in 2007. They made both a 4:3 version (same as the original TV and DVD editions) and a 16:9. I think the new blu-ray’s will probably be a variation of this source. The question is what version of the film will be on the blu-ray, 4:3 or 16:9, or both?

    The 4:3 HD version and the 16:9 HD version were broadcast in the UK in 2006. The 16:9 version does show more on the sides which could only be possible if they had original footage that was larger than the original 4:3 broadcast version. There is some slight cropping on the 16:9 usually on the top, such as ceilings. Because I have a 52″ Samsung Plasma TV if I had a choice of one or the other I would choose the 16:9, but would prefer both of course. I’ve seen a clip of the 2006 UK 16:9 broadcast in HD and it is very impressive!

  2. Gordon L. Moriguchi says:

    Review by Gordon L. Moriguchi for Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]
    Both the Network DVD company from the UK and A&E are releasing our beloved Space 1999 on Blu-Ray, but wait, I hear that A&E are using Network’s prints. Hmmm. According to the Catacombs website, Network has announced a Blu-Ray release of the complete Year 1 for 11 October 2010. Price is £79.99. There are 8 discs, in original 4:3 format. Extras include music only tracks, 5.1 remixed audio, and documentaries. A&E will be using the same prints as the Network Blu-Ray release, in pillarboxed 4:3 format, over 6 discs, with a price of $99.95(actually Amazon mentions only 6 discs). There are two less discs than the Network (UK) version- suggesting the US version will have less extras. Well, we shall see how well this set will come out. Such a shame to be using the same artwork for the release. Always loved the UK artwork better. Now, for Year 2….

  3. D. Moore says:

    Review by D. Moore for Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]
    This is a great Show… But A&E just dumped it. No SDH are Closed Caption… How Sad…. To cheap to put them in…. Sorry move A&E…

    Just just left millions of people out.. THat may of got it……

  4. Mark says:

    I’ve seen the Network Blu-rays and expect A&E episodes will look equally amazing. It’s like watching the show for the first time. Positively stunning!

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