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Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack

Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack

  • Highly Detailed
  • Highly Collectible
  • Prepainted
  • Requires minimal assembly

These very detailed scaled replicas are from the Gerry Anderson series UFO, Space 1999 and Fireball XL5. Set includes the UFO SID, Fireball XL5 and Rescue Eagle. Each model is made of hard vinyl, 3 1/2 to 4 inches in length, pre-painted, assembled, a

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Price: $ 19.99

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5 Responses to “Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack”

  1. Davidp. says:

    Review by Davidp. for Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack
    I own all three of these replicas ( plus the wonderful and highly recommended “Hawk Mk IX” from “Space:1999″ ). While not perfect, it’s hard to quibble with the accuracy and detail for replicas of their size. Each is made of solid PVC and ABS plastic, which often can show warpage from the molding process ( just look at Hasbro’s “Star Trek” Micromachines for example ), but any deformations on the ones I have are VERY minimal ( the most common is a slight curving up of the main spine on the Eagle replicas ) and hardly noticable.

    Each requires a small amount of assembly ( the ‘S.I.D.’ from “UFO” requires the most ), but they are solid, and relaively durable when put together. I would recommend caution when handling the ‘S.I.D’… it has the most fragile appendages, and I wouldn’t recommend it for kids – but then again, these replicas aren’t really aimed at the children of today, more like the adults who were kids in the ’60s and ’70s, who would have loved these to play with when they were growing up ( you can still play with them…just be aware of who’s around watching you! ). Each vehicle comes with a display base ( even the ‘Eagle’ which really doesn’t need one ) and they look cool displayed on a desk or shelf.

    These Japanese models are long out of production, and if you are interested in them, I would get them while you can, at a reasonable price. I’ve seen these going for ridiculous amounts on EBay, and elsewhere.

  2. JOSEPH says:

    Review by JOSEPH for Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack
    OK, I’ll admit I got these ONLY because it brought back memories of my youth. It popped up while looking at another item as an Amazon recommended product. It was worth it for me! While I bought it more for the XL-5 model, the Space 1999 Eagle was very nice also. Very well detailed models,the ‘pod’ on the eagle is removable as is the “Fireball Junior”. However the landing gear of the Eagle all broke while trying to carefully take them off the frame they were attached to in the package. Some super glue fixed them, and they now adorn my desk at work. As my wife used to say to our kids when they were little, these are models you “look at with your eyes, NOT with your fingers!”.

  3. Mauricio M. Silva says:

    Review by Mauricio M. Silva for Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack
    The item was perfectly described and it was a perfect deal. I’ve remembered my child years.

  4. badger says:

    Review by badger for Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack
    This is without A doubt the most accurate and affordable toy eagle I have found yet! It, and the other ships, are 100% detailed. I have been looking for one for years! Some assembly is required, so be careful when handling the smaller parts. Use A boxknife (AKA stanley knife) to carefully cut the landing gear from the frame. They can not be twisted off as with most model parts. Forgive me for being an overgrown kid, but I couldn’t put it down for A few hours. It’s just A lot of fun to play with; and hey, what’s the point of owning A toy if you never play with it! This product is A must for fans Space: 1999 or any Gerry Anderson production! I highly recomend it.

  5. Leonardo Mirenda says:

    Review by Leonardo Mirenda for Space 1999 Rescue Eagle & Fireball XL5 Premium Pack
    These little miniatures are very good, and they arrived in a week, wery well packed.

    If you are a Space 1999 fan you have to buy them.

    The only defect is that you can easely break the landing gears of the eagle, but you can fix them with some glue

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