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Space 1999 Intro

This show that aired in the 70′s was about scientists living on the moon and sent drifting through space after the moon was ripped out of Earth’s orbit. Trivia Fact: The stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are the parents of Juliet Landau who played the Vampire Drucilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show. Juliet also voices the character of Tala the sorceress on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

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25 Responses to “Space 1999 Intro”

  1. mowie71 says:

    i will always remember watching this on saturdays when i was a child! the most awesome sci-fi series ever! maybe dated but the classics will always be the best!

  2. mowie71 says:

    i will always remember watching this on saturdays when i was a child! the most awesome sci-fi series ever! maybe dated but the classics will always be the best!

  3. 49bobbyk says:

    How many Eagles did they have? They blew up at least two every episode. The moon sure could move fast.

  4. lalbruiz says:

    I loved this show, funny how some things can only be seen through the eyes of a child…I never wondered then what the heck happened in earth when it didn´t had a moon anymore…no tides? LOL. Great series.

  5. bradco6 says:

    @wolfstarpdx Vietnam bankrupted the country and Nixon killed the moon program. I am convinced we would a moon base and even one on Mars back in 1999 if the NASA budget was not gutted back in the early 70′s because of war.

  6. EmperorMarcusNovius says:

    September 13th 1999 . . . my second wedding anniversary!! ha ha. Love the funky theme tune, brings back loads of memories of this quality show!

  7. lsarac1 says:

    Is this available on DVD ?

  8. kohstamojahn says:

    One of the best themes EVER. thanks.

  9. BigTex541 says:

    I have two Space: 1999 LPs

  10. Sorrento1969 says:

    @Cyberschizoid Nah, the best show was Doctor Who… however Space 1999 was awesome as well. Gerry Anderson created a lot of good things, diferent perspectives on each of his shows… I hope all get a new look and aproach by hollywood, if only done correctly of course

  11. jchardy316 says:

    @wolfstarpdx Too true. It saddens me that even after the collapse of the Soviet Union we’re still spending billions on fighter jets, cruise missiles, etc.

  12. wolfstarpdx says:

    @Poptall2007: The reason we’re still stuck on Earth is largely because we decided to squander our money, resources, and imagination elsewhere. a multi-trillion dollar, decade-long war in the middle-East, for example. :{

  13. ShadowSonic2 says:

    @jess4metoo She looks a lot like Drusilla from Buffy. Of course, it’s the other way around since that actress is the daughter of the two leads here.

  14. jess4metoo says:

    @baddmanaz Is it me or did Barbara Bain look like Michelle Pfeiffer back then?

  15. bluemax111f says:

    Of course we are all still on earth, how can we go into space and pay for all the welfare and education costs wetbacks?

  16. Nomoreidsleft says:

    @49bobbyk That’s probably why it was canceled after two seasons. It’s cost a lot of money to produce. Blowing up eagles every week. Do you know the communicators they used actually had tiny CRTs on them? Not the fake stuff on Star Trek.

  17. 8302967 says:

    another show which proves star trek next generation is still the best one produced

  18. baddmanaz says:

    @GarthanSaal444 meanwhile… in the real world: happy birthday barbara bain.

  19. Fritz197139 says:

    DAMN IT! I can never stump youtube they have everything! =D. When I was in kindergarten, I had the space 1999 thermos & lunchbox I wonder how much that would be worth today?

  20. GarthanSaal444 says:

    Where were you on September 13, 1999? The moon’s been gone exactly 11 years now, perhaps it will drift back to Earth one day.

  21. OlegKostoglatov says:

    I sort of miss this show, even though it’s almost 11 years out of date, it is rather appealing in a kitchy 70′s style retro futuristic way, just like Battalestar Galactica, at least Space 1999. I’ve been disappointed since 2001, we were supposed to have a base not only on the moon but on Mars as well as being able to travel to Jupiter, what they have in Space 1999 would have been nice too. So where is my flying car, I was promised one as a kid and we still don’t have them..

  22. jasoncottles1 says:

    i had a metal eagle space ship with removable centre piece and shock absorbing landing feet-one of my favourite toys of all time!! who threw it away? wasnt me thats for sure… ; (

  23. 49bobbyk says:

    Sooooooo seventies science fiction. Soooooooo bad. They sure must have had alot of Eagles. They blew up at least two an episode. And as they traveled through space the moon sure moved fast. They went from solar system to solar system in a week, amazing.

  24. prkendora says:

    I remember the show!!!

  25. zuki1899 says:

    Those Eagles were death traps. they never could stay up without crashing!!

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