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Space 1999 Intro

This show that aired in the 70′s was about scientists living on the moon and sent drifting through space after the moon was ripped out of Earth’s orbit. Trivia Fact: The stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are the parents of Juliet Landau who played the Vampire Drucilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show. Juliet also voices the character of Tala the sorceress on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.
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25 Responses to “Space 1999 Intro”

  1. billkasperdotcom says:

    @bjggjb Funny how times Hope and Change. Only it’s not very funny.

  2. razorback0z says:

    Gerry Anderson for ruler of the GALAXY!!

  3. BigDiamondCutter says:

    Maya was definitely hot. A beautiful woman to satisfy any shapeshifter fantasy… heheh.

  4. sithjedi71 says:

    Gerry Anderson…creator of The Thunderbirds, now that was a great series.

  5. FantasticBob7000 says:

    Dum da da dummm… dummm da da dummm

  6. thegroove2000 says:


  7. dekaneas71 says:

    loved the show,i loved Scifi thanks to these series

  8. dukes0916 says:

    @bjggjb Well the future isn’t what it used to be! Pity we couldn’t find a solution that would give us the best of both worlds! That is, if we could colonize space… the only people riding mule to & from there cave residences would be the ones who wanted to live in the Neo-neolithic age! Of course, things can never be that easy!

  9. slider2732 says:

    To me, Eagle’s looked like they worked for a living and haven’t dated in design ! Thunderbird 2′s for the real world…if you see what I mean

  10. joker7053 says:

    Another set i worked on , mostly in modeling etc.

  11. BrokenAeroVT says:

    @zestyguy87 My dad was rich, we had Legos for that, haha.

  12. Eddie42023 says:

    Never saw this as a kid, but I WISH we had ships which could take that kind of punishment. ;-) . Also, if the Eagle could handle all that, why did such a weak problem obliterate the base?

  13. trierbuffys says:

    ich hatte diesen vorspann anders in erinnerung !!

  14. CaptainGrimsdale says:

    The show had a good premise but faded into the world of bad acting, silly plot lines and neverending action scenes.

  15. StinkingHobo says:

    calling something ‘fiction’ doesn’t mean you can just fly off on a nonsensical tangent of utter bolllocks though. Even millions of miles from earth they meet aliens speaking english and wearing clothes etc…….

  16. retrozx says:

    Maybe because it is called Science FICTION?

  17. jaybutler24 says:

    This show desperately needs to be on netflix stream!

  18. thepofmeister says:

    f**kin’ brilliant! used to LOVE this too much!

  19. rjvjes says:

    @bjggjb Hi! You’re right about that… lol

  20. StinkingHobo says:

    utter nonsense from start to finish.

  21. crazy88boss says:

    Could probably be taken a bit more seriously if it didn’t have the cheesy porno vibe to it.

  22. toepedi says:

    September 13th 1999. Almost September 11th 2001.

  23. Flakatak76 says:

    1999 ah yes the memories, I remember when the SDF1 crashed on earth and we embarked on the enlightenment of protoculture.

  24. TheXtro101 says:

    The intro song to this sci-fi series does have that…”it came from the seventies guitar riff”.

  25. 89Loquendero98 says:

    im watching this in 2011

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