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Space: 1999 Blu-Ray Review

Space: 1999 was one of my favorite science fiction  series of the seventies.  I was just a kid, but I was captivated by the adventures of the denizens of Moon Base Alpha.

Space: 1999 Title

Moon Base Alpha from Space:1999

Now A&E is releasing Season 1 of Space: 1999 on Blu-ray.  Earlier DVD releases had left fans disappointed in the overall quality.    The Blu-ray offering blows the DVD set out of the water.  Rumors abounded that the earlier DVD sets were taken from 16mm stock, but the Blu-ray is reportedly transferred from a much higher quality 35mm master.  The series is also restored to the correct 4:3 ratio.  As an improvement, the audio track is in 5.1 surround sound and there are several hours of bonus features as well as the 24 episodes.

For fans of Space: 1999, the Season 1 Blu-ray set will be a welcome addition to your high definition collection.

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  1. Gayle Rosalyn Connors says:

    The earlier A&E DVD release of Space 1999 was NOT sourced from 16mm prints. This rumour is false and (like so many) springs from fans of the show who have never even touched a roll of film stock and try to double guess why things like sharpness or colour are not as they expect them to be, or have misunderstood information given them by the facility house, in this case Carlton International. The original releases used existing telecine transfers onto digital tape from 35mm interpositives held in the United States and it is the soundtracks that were 16mm sep-mags (separate magnetic tape dubs). The new versions that Network have released are taken from freshly created 35mm interpositives transferred onto HD and using the original 35mm sep-mags and triple-track music recordings to create the new 5.1 sound mix.

    OK, so no jump from 16 to 35mm, just much better grading on the new transfers and mastered in high definition.

    If you wish to check my credentials, just ask.

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