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Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)

Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)

All 48 episodes of this acclaimed space adventure are contained in this complete collection, digitally remastered from the original 35mm film, plus bonus footage, featured extras, and much more! With its progressive plotlines, an outstanding cast, an

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List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 37.19

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5 Responses to “Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)”

  1. Keith C. Bradbury says:

    Review by Keith C. Bradbury for Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)
    As soon as we got this in, we opened a set and checked it out…

    This so-called digitally remastered 30th Anniversary edition is NO DIFFERENT than the older Mega Set…just slimmer packaging. You still see all the spots, smudges, hairs, graininess. The only reason to buy this is if you have not already gotten the older set and want to save some money. Sad, really, that we did not get the better UK remastered product.

  2. K. A. Walsh says:

    Review by K. A. Walsh for Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)
    I feel ripped off…I really do. I had all the old American releases on DVD (which I will be selling to a local merchant because they deal in used DVDs) to recoup some of the cost I spent on this set. THIS IS NOT THE NETWORK DVD/UK EDITION REMASTERS FOR REGION 1…let’s make that VERY clear.

    If you have a multi-region/format player, go over to Amazon UK and order the First Season from Network…it is *spectacular*. You can also pre-order the Second Season from Network there as well (release date is Sept 10). The Network DVDs have phenomenal video AND audio, crisp and clear 5.1 audio in fact that gives your sub-woofer a workout. Needless to say, I pre-ordered mine from across the pond the day I got this.

    Why 3 stars? Overall story and series would have gotten a 5. Minus four stars for the remaster rip-off, plus a star for slimmer packaging/better price, plus a star for *some* improvement in the audio (now 2.0 stereo as opposed to mono) and a bit of an improvement on Season Two eps video.

    If you have this…save your cash, even though the old discs might take up more shelf-space. If you don’t and only have a standard Region One player, then by all means get it. If you have a multi region/format player…RUN to Amazon UK and purchase the Network Season One and Two Versions.

    There is no comparison…the Network DVDs are spectacular!

  3. E. Dunn says:

    Review by E. Dunn for Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)
    Having the original MegaSet of Space: 1999, I was hoping to have ‘extras’ on the 30th Anniversary MegaSet DVD’s. The DVD containers have been changed and condensed, but otherwise the offerings are the same as the original MegaSet — the addded ‘Bonus Disc’ is the same that has been available at all the Space: 1999 Conventions since 2005. The ‘Special Features’ throughout the MegaSet are the same as on the original MegaSet. It would have been “special” if the Anniversary MegaSet had ‘bloopers’, ‘behind the scenes’ that weren’t on the original MegaSet DVD’s, et al. A purchase of this MegaSet is more for nostalgia and to support the continuing life (after cancellation) of Space: 1999.

  4. Kenneth M. Pizzi says:

    Review by Kenneth M. Pizzi for Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)
    Speaking on the behalf of all sci-fi fans who watched Space 1999 on its initial broadcast run, Gerry Anderson deserves our respect. With “Supermarination” like “Captain Scarlet,” “Secret Service” and the “Thunderbirds,” he raised the caliber of Saturday morning TV fare above the usual, two-dimensional animated cartoon.

    With “Space 1999″ he initiated a new renaissance in science fiction making it respectable with a broad appeal to audiences young and old alike. Not since “Star Trek” which made its debut in 1966, has there been another science fiction series on TV that has made a significant impact or has been more widely recognized.

    To compare the two series would be unfair with Star Trek now having now reached the proportions of “epic” on par with the Illiad and the Odyssey in the realm of science fiction let alone the franchises the series has spawned. What detracts from the quality of Space 1999 is not the SFX (expertly orchestrated by Brian Johnson) or the quality of the acting from the leads, but rather, the implausibility of the plots. One tries very hard to enjoy Space 1999 like I have, but I like my science fiction with large dollops of science, and we live in an age where audiences have even a rudimentary understanding of physics and space travel. Sadly, this is the Achilles Heel of Space 1999; ridiculous plots at times matched with dull scripts with empty plots that approximate the size of a black hole.

    The first season is generally considered the stronger of the two: the second noted for the addition of Maya (called a “Mr. Spock rip-off” by fans of Roddenberry), a resident of Moonbase Alpha and an alien that can morph into any living organism–an interesting, if wild stopgap to save the sagging ratings of the series at the time. Not surprisingly, many people are divided about Space 1999: people either hate it or love it.

    This set, includes interviews, some outtakes, a special feature with SFX expert Brian Johnson, commercials, etc. All in all, Space 1999 was significant because it illustrated the true potential that lay in science fiction paving the way for “Star Wars” and other epics that would follow.

    Those interested in learning more about Space 1999, should pick up a copy of John Kenneth Muir’s book-length study of the series, “Exploring Space 1999″–a fascinating read if you wish to know more about the series, its impact, and eventual demise.

  5. Daniel says:

    Review by Daniel for Space 1999 – 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD)
    This product is almost exactly like the first one released in 2002. Just different pakaging. Don’t let that stop you because A&E just stopped producing the first megaset a few years back. This is a great TV series for sci-fi lovers. In conlusion.

    1. Space: 1999 megaset 30th annaversary edition is more compact.

    2. It is less expensive, not cheep or a rip off, just less expensive.

    3. It is a child freindly program for children estimate 9+.

    Hope this review helped customers,


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