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Space 1999 – 1×01 – Breakaway

Original Air Date—17 October 1975 The pilot episode that introduces the main cast and sets the stage for the series. Located on the moon is Moonbase Alpha, a multinational scientific research facility. One of its duties is to also monitor and coordinate the activities surrounding two large lunar dumping sites where nuclear waste from Earth is disposed of. The Alphans are trying to launch a fast-tracked manned probe to an ‘approaching’ planet named Meta. The Meta Probe is in jeopardy since two of the mission crew have come down with a mysterious illness. The Alphans tie the illness to the nuclear waste about the time the smaller site unexpectedly explodes. While the Alphans try to avert a similar explosion in the larger waste site, it explodes also, and pushes the Moon out of the Earth’s orbit, leaving the Alphans stranded on a moon destined to wander the universe.
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12 Responses to “Space 1999 – 1×01 – Breakaway”

  1. KevinAnthonyB says:

    Excellent quality! Thank you so much for your hard work and effort in bringing great series like this one to life in the 21st century! I was about five or so last time I saw this show, and I still recall it even now! Seeing this as an adult gives me the impression that the most creative period on tv was the 70′s.

  2. kruki99 says:

    @unclepatrick2 .. lol … yeh i was out there :) … just in case ! lol you never know ! :) …. Maybe it did happen and the moon we see today is an inflatable stand-in :)

  3. unclepatrick2 says:

    OK how many of you want out on the evening of sept 13th 1999 and keep waiting for the moon to blast out of orbit?

  4. ubelieveinme2oo says:

    @davidadamsawyer Yes I know David. That’s another reason why the 1970′s was fantastic. SPACE:1999 exemplified how people in those days cared for one another. There was more religeon in those days and you really felt like someone was caring for you and eachother.Thats why I always Loved this show since It 1st aired in September of 1975.

  5. davidadamsawyer says:

    @coolbreeze161 True. Did you know according to “relative pay theory” that people in the 1970s were richer than today in 2011? Even though they got paid less their money went 2 to 3 times farther than our money today. The rate of inflation is rising faster than the pay scales of today’s employees. So not only are product prices skyrocketing but people aren’t getting paid as much to keep up.

  6. davidadamsawyer says:

    Audio is low.

  7. 40onTheBlue says:

    Major gaffe with the helmet at 4:44.

  8. thejessejames76able says:

    Man, this shows how good our News agencies and NASA are, the Moon got blown out of orbit 12 years a go, and we lost a Moon Base I didn’t know about and nothing was reported! We had to wait for a TV Show to find out! (LOVED IT BACK THEN!!)

  9. coolbreeze161 says:

    thanks,if the nations of the world didnt spend billions on wars and drugs for decades we could have been more advanced in space travel.

  10. collegeman1988 says:

    @spacestevie2 Shane Rimmer was also in the 1985 movie, “White Nights”

  11. spacestevie2 says:

    It was Scott Tracey. Shane Rimmer, who was the voice of Tracey was a frequent star of Anderson’s Sci-Fi shows.

  12. pawnsacrifice1 says:

    Sounds like Scott Tracey is flying the eagle at the start!

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