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Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch

Image by jimbowen0306
This is the building they used in the TV show Dallas. It’s a lot smaller in real life than it is in the show!

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  1. Annie in Beziers says:

    Still pretty impressive!

  2. jimbowen0306 says:

    I know, it’s just from what I remember about the show i always imagined that it’d be mansionesque in proportions!

  3. HeadOvMetal says:

    Oh, dear. I grew up near there. Scary stuff! :? p

  4. hot_burrito_1 says:

    I delivered mail there when I was a rural carrier associate. I was trained on that route when I started at the post office. Their mail comes out of the Allen Post Office on rural route 1. The route is 52 miles long. JR and Sue Ellen still get mail at the ranch, mostly from foreign countries.

  5. jimbowen0306 says:

    I worked for the Post Office as a holiday job when I was a student and that sounds like a fun route!

  6. Cyndie@smilebig! says:

    no—– it is the same from the outside.. and all around the house…even the pool area. This was not a mansion and never portrayed to be.
    They used the studio for all the inside shots…..
    The resturants and all the retail and comercial were shot here.
    This house was owned by a local family until they finally decided to sell….this used to be life in Plano, TX back before the ’80′s boom.

  7. jimbowen0306 says:

    Oh I know it wasn’t really supposed to be a mansion or anything, but when you’re 11, 12 or 13 and watching it you think mansion when you hear Texas Oil Man’s home. In my mind, I think that encouraged me to increase Southfork’s size since I saw the series.

  8. hot_burrito_1 says:

    Funny thing is, there are much bigger houses and real mansions in the Forest Grove and Winningkoff areas of Lucas, TX near Parker where Southfork Ranch is. And Rural Route 1 was my favorite route to carry. If it ever comes up for bid, I’m going to try to get it. The rural carrier on that route still uses their own vehicle making it undesirable to many carriers.

  9. jimbowen0306 says:


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