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Soul Train Line Dance to The O’Jays “Love Train”

Soul Train Line Dance to The O’Jays “Love Train”. Episode #047, 1973. Line features Fred “Re-Run” Berry from the 70s television hit, “What’s Happening.” Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned…we will be adding new clips each week.
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25 Responses to “Soul Train Line Dance to The O’Jays “Love Train””

  1. Umskiddy says:

    @ThoughtTraveler White people CAN dance.The only difference is that black people can dance naturally.The good white dancers I have come across have had to have PLENTY of practice, lessons or choreography. The ultimate result is still cool and that’s what matters.

  2. transplantclub says:

    Sistas knew how to swing those hips back in the day….Love it!!! Thanks O’Jays and Don Cornelius!!!

  3. dusttracks says:

    @invisaman75 Yes!!

  4. Codycole80 says:


    YES! I was noticing the same thing. Back in the 70′s most people were slim.

  5. mjjcng8958 says:

    @goodboys07 i saw it and i cried. i always look for her now

  6. invisaman75 says:

    Is that Fred “Rerun” Berry from “What Happening” at 1:08 ?

  7. goodboys07 says:

    if anyone knows or even cares but the woman thats starts dancin at :24 her name is lorna she had a episode of intervention it was really sad but from the ending of the show she is now now clean and sober

  8. BlackToyotaTacoma says:

    Look at how skinny they all were. America needs to get back into shape.

  9. ThoughtTraveler says:

    My God it is true….White people cannot dance…this is pure Talent here…

  10. ThoughtTraveler says:

    Those are some serious FROS….

  11. dominiclyddon says:

    Bad dancing is the best!

  12. ProudAmericanLady says:

    OMG!!!!!! I cant believe it. I love this. I still think this is totaly cool. Umm what did we call it back them. It seems like such a life time ago.

  13. verneesands says:

    @closer16 you are so so right. Folks better leave them McRibs alone

  14. 19florydory00 says:

    OMG! Don Cornelius is wearing the biggest tie I ever saw!

  15. rha101 says:

    @cupphouse whatever, troll

  16. cw51569 says:


  17. clumpft says:

    Can’t watch this with that shitty bit of advertising on the bottom right!!!!!!

  18. Lex20Luthor10 says:

    @cupphouse Façon d’être une personne mature et jeter autour de jurons. Quel âge avez-vous quatre? Assermentation montre simplement que vous avez un manque d’intelligence.

  19. marieteresa14 says:

    Is that Rerun at 1:08??

  20. cupphouse says:

    @rha101 Pointless comment, cockhead…

  21. cupphouse says:

    @Lex20Luthor10 LOL… sorry for the mistake bro, i am not so attentive when i write shit on youtube, also, maybe i should inform you i am actually a french canadian, so fuck off bitch, learn french then write me a text without a single mistake, then you’re good.

  22. RJBMASTER1 says:

    aah Soul Train, (good memories). anyone remember wearing those kind of pants at parties haha. Glad they put this stuff back up, Everyone wanted to be a Soul Train back then. good times good times… :)

  23. RJBMASTER1 says:

    @retardedmonkeywaffle first word of your name is pretty simular i see that boy. watch your mouth at there man

  24. MrMortysgirl says:

    @closer16 I totally agree, and I think people not only went out to dance,they also practiced dancing,for hours,lol. And here my fat ass sits,watching people dance,hee hee hee.

  25. vilsaum3dzeiro says:


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