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Soul Train Line Dance to Earth Wind & Fire’s “Mighty Mighty”

Soul Train Line Dance to Earth Wind & Fire’s “Mighty Mighty” (episode# 104, 1974). To license this footage, go to GLOBALIMAGEWORKS.COM. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned…we will be adding new clips each week.

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25 Responses to “Soul Train Line Dance to Earth Wind & Fire’s “Mighty Mighty””

  1. thealecchannel says:

    wheres all the black people?

  2. Bubulubo123 says:

    @VDUB23US – That shit was funny the other guy was like what the fuck just happened. LOL!

  3. crysta2k2 says:

    Who’s mama is out here? LOL.

  4. datboivonis says:

    2:34 was almost fight had they not been on camera. LOL

  5. mistershokoboyz says:


  6. MUARFA says:


  7. mythikia says:

    mane thats some funny dancing!!!! i luv it thoughZ!!!

  8. jestai70 says:

    wooooooooowowowowowowoooohhhh, the real essence of disco and 70′s

  9. smokeofsampoi says:

    lemme get in line!

  10. godiosm says:

    very very good !!!!!!!i’am sylvain in FRANCE … PARIS (TOURE EFFEL )

  11. RUSTB18C1 says:

    @fxtheproducer That foos modeling and shit dope vid…Peace

  12. VDUB23US says:

    @karajito this it the second soul train vid that ive seen where some one get hit in the fro

  13. fxtheproducer says:

    The Original Mac Daddy! – 2:05

  14. poppingjaz says:

    the first dancer his Shabadoo from the movie Breakin. That was indeed a great era!

  15. zcg3 says:

    @siobhanmeacher Why? It’s because most human beings suck. It doesn’t matter what color you are…

  16. nickisapinkdick says:

    @bibolo59 fuck off white nazi shit

  17. karajito says:

    1:34 falcon punch

  18. radiodj1520 says:

    I Believe This Was A Video Clip From The 104th Edition Of “Soul Train” On June 22, 1974.

  19. MrHotpantsImComin says:

    The style is intoxicating.

  20. VDUB23US says:

    At 1:33 guy gets his afro punched,lol

  21. Brucebanner100 says:

    the guy gets hit in the afro at 1:34 on the right lmao

  22. AngelLuv824Ever says:

    @CalypieAndroid U are repeating yourself also and I see you don’t know the difference between land and a planet.

  23. CalypieAndroid says:

    @AngelLuv824Ever So now you are repeating yourself, and showing you cannot integrate that Earth is a planet as well as landmass. I Prove my point . Your argument is now infantile. SEE YA!

  24. siobhanmeacher says:

    damn why are people comment hating ): this is about beastin dancers. just enjoy it ;o

  25. AngelLuv824Ever says:

    @CalypieAndroid Africa has the oldest homo sapiens Earth is not the land I know it’s the planet I know.And I’m not challenging Africa as the motherland.

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