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Soul Train Dancers

A fast compilation of some excellent Soul Train Dancing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Soul Train Dancers”

  1. solow79 says:

    Dude at 0.28 has it down!!!!

  2. tomdemerly says:

    Absolutely captivating.

  3. trumprosie says:

    At The Eight DISLIKES….Your Swag In None-Existant, You Have No Rhythm, You Have No Groove, You Can’t, Move, Can’t Dance & Your A Hater Filled With Jealous…..That’s Exactly Why You Go To A “Soul Train Video?”….& Give A “Thumb Down”…When U Crying Inside You Can’t GET-DOWN…..

  4. juanmorful says:

    the 70`s the best years of my life,en guatemala

  5. juanmorful says:

    the best years of my life,en guatemala

  6. TheRafaelRFL says:

    1:09 DEMON ? KKKKK’

  7. westonatl says:

    Anyone noticed that guy that got punched in the face 1:06?

  8. mourrad100 says:


  9. maychop says:

    7 people dont have any soul

  10. bejamwll says:


  11. mssquirrely says:

    @XxMissNoNamexX LOL!!

  12. 5lkk says:

    @Biggiedafirst I ain’t got no moves, but my legs are still as long as long as they where in the 70s.

  13. sbslusher says:

    wtf is with this modern shit…

  14. globalimageworks says:

    @HoneySwtDrms What other videos are you referring to?

  15. HoneySwtDrms says:

    What happened to the other videos????

  16. Biggiedafirst says:

    ppl had some real long legs back then in the 70′s man

  17. swankrecords says:

    i love crunchy music

  18. laminage says:

    Call me a Beyotch but American Bandstand Dancers couldn’t hold a Candle to these people. In fact, I could see Blake McGrath Choreographer/Popstar born in Canada going on this show.

  19. XxMissNoNamexX says:

    @mssquirrely Please adopt me.

  20. nymphsnecessitys says:

    Love the guy about midway with the long hair/hat/grey shirt/grey pants and converse…he is mezmerizing…would like to see more of him whoever he is :)

  21. xDTHECHEMISTx says:


    yeh they got it in most def!!

  22. xDTHECHEMISTx says:

    yep everybody REALLY danced on early soul train shows

  23. SaveursTropicales says:

    Ah oui c’est sur , les années 70 étaient les meilleurs , nos papas et mamans dansaient vraiment pour s’amuser alors que dans les années 90 c’est une battle les danseurs font du spectacle plus que de s’amuser

  24. vidform says:

    Did anyone notice that the guy in the gray suit on the right almost got hit in the face at 1:05 by the guy in the white suit? That was a close call. He moved just in time.

  25. vidform says:

    This looks like it shows the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. You can see the baggy hip-hop style of the ’90s with their over-sized clothes. Still had some good dance moves too, but when it comes to ST, the 1970s was the best.

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