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Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour #4 w/ Burt Reynolds Steve Martin

Comedy sketch with Steve Martin and Burt Reynolds. If you like this video, let me know and I will make more! Be sure to rate it and leave a comment! For more great clips visit my website
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25 Responses to “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour #4 w/ Burt Reynolds Steve Martin”

  1. trickyt123 says:

    That was Teri Garr with the purse and the great legs! I remember her a lot on the show. Good to actually see her in one of the skits.

  2. flowerbellbottoms says:

    i just got a “cher” barbie off of “ebay” and she is so beautiful!!!
    i actually have her sitting her on the desk next to the computer monitor so that she can “watch” herself sing & dance. hm hm hm…..

  3. danaelashay says:


  4. ekocentric says:

    people say that Sonny wouldn’t have been famous without Cher but his music career was more successful than one would think because he worked behind the scenes in the record company as well. He wrote at least 9 songs, promoted up and coming artists such as Chubby Checker and Gene Pitney, did public relations for the company and countless other music related things such as back up singing. Cher was just the Cherry on the top of the ice cream. lol

  5. ekocentric says:

    @laedeekat LOL!

  6. laedeekat says:

    @ekocentric I do!

  7. metroidprimegame says:

    i love this show

  8. countrygirl5202 says:

    I love how they always match

  9. TheAshleighJaramillo says:

    @closetbug LOL XD she looks so cute!! i cant stop laughing.

  10. closetbug says:

    What is Cher doing at 1:48?? Imitating a fish? I love her, and I don’t think she ever did drugs, but that gets me wondering… LOL

  11. ekocentric says:

    Does anyone remember Burt Reynolds when he posed nude for the the April ’72 edition of Cosmo magazine?

  12. ekocentric says:

    @dumbledore1995 She’ll be the youngest old person in the old people’s home. lol

  13. 14grapes says:


  14. Linescrew1 says:

    To those who loved Sonny & Cher, I went to his grave last Christmas and shot a short HD tribute to him of his grave site. It’s on my youTube channel for those who wish to see it. Loved the Sonny & Cher show. I’m just barely old enough to have enjoyed it. Cheers to all who loved it too.

  15. ChristianNYC says:

    @LuvThoseLadies Oh no, no apology is necessary. I think I noticed where I goofed up in my first reply. I didn’t write/typed the proper way s I saw where I confused you. I need to choose my words carefully, dot the I’s and put the periods where I am supposed to.

    So I am sorry as well for the miscommunication. Typing on here can be taking out of context. I need to be more mindful next time.

  16. LuvThoseLadies says:

    @ChristianNYC Yes, you are correct, that being around women, marriage and even fathering kids doesn’t cement a man’s heterosexuality. I also agree that he may have been bisexual.
    It was not my intentions to offend you, and I apologize if I did.

  17. ChristianNYC says:

    @LuvThoseLadies Wel that is what I was ultimately saying. He most likey was bisexual. Being around Women all the time does NOT cement a man’s heterosexuality. Being married to a woman doesn’t cement that either NOR fathering kids. That is why i said most likely he could be BISEXUAL But if he is Gay that hey that is his business.

  18. LuvThoseLadies says:

    @ChristianNYC “…Being around women ALL the time…”? Are you serious? Did you see when he smooched Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show? (Yuck!) He was around dom delouise, jim nabors (surprise, surprise!) and charles nelson reilley quite a bit – and they were NOT women! It doesn’t count if they dressed like one! He had an image to keep up, and I am sure his agent was pulling out his hair when he had a public gay meltdowns.

  19. ortleyman says:

    @LuvThoseLadies So what if he’s gay. He was no wimp when it came to his acting. He did most of his own stunts and received an award for doing so. He was also a running back for Florida State back in his college days. He could probably kick alot of heterosexual ass back in the day.

  20. ortleyman says:

    Burt was hillariuos back in the day. I loved when he was a guest on Johnny Carson. Classic stuff. Thank God I was old enough to remenber. TV today is full of garbage. No star out there wants to play the fool on TV. I guess they leave that up to the asses on the reality shows for that. Pathetic

  21. musicman257 says:

    i remeber this.this is when tv was tv thier was always something good on.70s was the best for tv.

  22. mhouse951 says:

    Sonny sang absolutely fantastic to I Got You Babe very great song Cher looked very nice in yellow Sonny as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ChristianNYC says:

    Cher is too damn talented to even have her name is the same sentence with Madonna Sorry. She is quite a woman.

    Love Sonny and Cher together but I also.
    loved the Cher comedy Hour too.

    Burt Gay? Hmmm maybe he wasn’t gay as much as he was Bisexual or Bi-curious Being aroud women all the time doesn’t cement a man’s “Heterosexuality” just as much being Married doesn’t prevent a man to cheat on his wife or vice versus.

  24. wattever333 says:

    or really really bored with his own show. or with that song.

  25. LuvThoseLadies says:

    Those women burt “had” were nothing more than window dressing for him to keep his image. In that string he would “pal” around with dom delouise, jim nabors and charles nelson reilly. Well, if burt is not gay, then his boyfriends are! A true self-respecting hetero-sexual would not kiss a man on the lips!

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