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Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour #1

Opening comedy sketch and song. If you like this video, let me know and I will make more! Be sure to rate it and leave a comment! For more great clips visit my website
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25 Responses to “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour #1”

  1. hobbitchild08 says:

    TV shows used to be so inventive and funny… Now we just have reality tv shows because we are too lazy to create real actors and hilarious skits like this.

  2. SS421982 says:

    @jamesbabyar This was early in the run of the show. It aired Feb. 14, 1972.

  3. balletenpointe1 says:

    @nealbrice rightfully so to sonny!

  4. balletenpointe1 says:

    @morbidxatrocity i totally agree.

  5. morbidxatrocity says:

    I wish they would re-run this.
    What’s happened to our TV shows? THIS was entertaining….we’ve gone downhill… sad.

  6. 47TheHitman says:

    cher is hot

  7. jamesbabyar says:

    I pretty sure this was Fall of 1973

  8. pinkydogbear says:

    @VilleValoDedication Yes they should, but now they want u to buy these old shows and make money. Tv has has not been the same since the mid 1980′s or so. Shows used to shot on location like “Hawaii Five 0 and Jake and the Fat Man.” Now, we have all shows shot in the studio, loosing weight, chefs, Win in a Minute. What happened to good tv???

  9. roddiero says:

    @nealbrice Get over it. His daughter is a fucking freak. If you can’t figure that out, then get a fucking life. I feel bad for her…because she’s obviously screwed up. Anyway, Cher was so smokin…

  10. Mrfunkyfilmore says:

    I have been searching for years for the names of the overweight characters on this show that whenever they mentioned food, they would rub their hands together and go “MMMMM”. Does anyone remember these characters?

  11. ThePheolix says:

    Repulican, democrat, whatever… They’re both FUCKING AMAZING and their political affiliation should have nothing to do with the way you think of them

  12. nealbrice says:

    Sonny became a Republican and then skied into a tree and died……. not before talking against Gays and Gay marriage…..despit having Chasity (now Chaz) as a child…… he turned on his own child… for politics…….he was on his 4th marriage and wanted to protect true marriage in America………….who was he? Cher loved him and we love Cher. We underderstand….. but he betrayed so many of us.

  13. rnogier says:

    Man I miss these old varity shows I wish they still had them.

  14. 14grapes says:

    she is so pretty

  15. kenlo77 says:

    @dennybro1 Ain’t that the truth! I haven’t watched a network show on TV for years … Thank goodness for History, discovery and USA cable ….
    We all owe a lot to Sonny … Cher was painfully shy, and would never have gotten into showbiz without Sonny pushing her. This show was very entertaining….

  16. boogiefever1985 says:

    3:30 hair behind shoulders, 3:31 hair in front of shoulders

  17. WritingRaw says:

    loved the break in the season finale of “really BAD Shakespeare” on WritingRaw this world needs some Sonny and Cher every now and then LOL

  18. Alvin4NY says:

    @dsfddsgh – The longer the show went on, the worse it got.

  19. dennybro1 says:

    why is it you can look through 150 channels on tv and all you see is garbage! When I was a kid we had 4 channels and we had good programing ,with variety shows, and stars that had talent!! I can’t think of any”stars” that could actuallly DO a variety show like Sonny and Cher-Dean Martin-Carol Bernnet,etc. I agree!!! Put the re-runs back on!!

  20. Renflower3 says:

    her hair is so amazing

  21. TheJamesmaytubby says:

    it takes me back to my younger years

  22. dsfddsgh says:

    Man Sonny was always out of tune wasn’t he? LOL

  23. Candi411 says:

    They loved each other. Cher was ALWAYS so beautiful, but Sonny was always dressed first class as well. They looked so good together. I miss them. I miss Sonny. I don’t know about his personal life, but he seemed to be a decent and honest guy. RIP Sonny Bono

  24. ecmorandomnumbers says:

    Sonny and Cher never hated each other, even after their divorce. They just couldn’t live together. They taught me more about marriage than anybody.

  25. YurgesBitch says:

    what’s the first song called??

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