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Solid Gold Dancers – Season 6

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25 Responses to “Solid Gold Dancers – Season 6”

  1. pokeryfoosy says:

    So here I am beating off to this and then all of the sudden two dudes jump into the picture… talk about awkward.

  2. triciawashere8192 says:

    wow.. i was about 17…. loved being a teen in the 80′s….things were still simple and carefree back then.

  3. pattyjay says:

    That is the worst shit ever

  4. virtualsurrealism says:

    It was a nice time to go through puberty.

  5. EyeBeGod1 says:

    I agree.I was 14 in ’85.I don’t know if that was still considered old back then or not,but I had ALOT of Fun back then.

  6. buldgingballs says:

    These women are so fit and have the hottest figures.
    I would love to have been one of the male dancers and get to screw every one of them.

  7. zgreggz83 says:


  8. germanicelt says:

    What year was this from?
    I love the 80s. Glad to be a kid then, but would have loved to have had my 20s then.

  9. zgreggz83 says:

    Don’t really understand your comment. I have not blocked any user on this channel.

  10. marcy7879 says:

    sorry I have to use this channel : hello, you have my word that I chatted with all that you block of your channel, nobody won’t reply or comment in your channel even rate trust I contacted all of them, yeah they are gonna do as you wish.
    Honestly in my personal case I admire so much your work and I will love watch it again, thanks

  11. kristenkellogsfan says:

    nice video

  12. rascalferret says:

    would love to see the ending dance too..nice quality btw

  13. solidgolddancers says:

    And why exactly is Jamilah’s butt lost to a tracking error in the beginning? Gimme the freeze frame button from your remote, man.

  14. BennettBB says:

    I had this a lot too! Back then Channel 11 in Ft Worth/Dallas did that and it would get me hacked…I loved seeing the dancers do the closing number!

  15. BennettBB says:

    Too bad that “Kiss” had to be deleted from Darcel’s solo. For me, this solo of Darcel’s is my favorite of hers! Also, I loved the “Rock Me Amedeus” routine!! Thanks ZGreggZ so much!!!!

  16. solidgolddancers says:

    Considering VCR’s came out about the same time Solid Gold did, it’s amazing stations weren’t slapping ther logos all over the screen until Solid Gold was over. Thanks, Ted Turner.

  17. zgreggz83 says:

    My local affiliate sometimes cut off the program before the credits were complete, as in this case.

  18. avunittc says:

    can incl the closing…?

  19. remhur says:

    I like it, agree with other user: you did my day

  20. lbCharmed1 says:

    Thanks for posting again, Gregg! Much appreciated!

  21. janarbfrance says:

    long time ago and this musical here in Paris was showed every weekend and french tv copy the style with hots, singers and dancers but this is the original

  22. TheJesussavor says:

    to much love is here comming from the channel and from the fans I see that everybody is happy here and I am glad about it

  23. TheJesussavor says:

    kindly words

  24. maurvilla says:

    Excellent post this channel is amazing, the reason to share is memorable and kindly the reason to take time, edit and upload the video is applausive, thank you very much

  25. pablovelez52 says:

    I love thsi season, it’s my favorite, all dancers look so decadents and Darcel did great

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