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Soap Opera Bloopers 1998

Soap Opera Bloopers featuring Mark Pinter, Kim Rhodes, Stephanie Cameron, Steve Wilder, Drake Hogestyn, Eileen Davidson, Joseph Mascolo, Deidre Hall, Alison Sweeney, victor Alfieri
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19 Responses to “Soap Opera Bloopers 1998”

  1. Anime4Life35 says:

    The last one had me laughing because it seems like that would really happen LMAO
    “I won’t let you destory it.”
    “See your are dieing now” LMAO

  2. Ahleea says:

    duh mira townsville :D haha

  3. Getrealpeeps says:

    OMG, ANOTHER WORLD??? DAMN, I WAS A LITTLE KID WHEN THIS WAS ON (More or less a little kid, lol) OH MY GOD, @ 1:43, is this where they got the idea “Ugly Betty” “from? CHOKE SAMI, CHOKE!!

  4. DiedOfNaturalCauses says:

    He just likes to lay with her.

  5. BoringPeopleEnt says:

    have you seen our soap opera? Check our channel!

  6. BoringPeopleEnt says:

    we have one of these soap stars nude on our channel

  7. 73lieke73 says:

    ik want to know how it goes further with that scene with Kim Rhodes. Does anyone a video of that??

  8. whiteshell1 says:

    Stefano’s last name is pronounced “DI MAYRA” and he pronounced it “DUH MEARA”

  9. Kaysjayt says:

    they should have more bloopers with soap stars

  10. xAzureIzumix says:

    @powergirl1 He said Dumb mira. XD

  11. NoInfringementIntent says:

    LOL These are great! :-D I remember watching these back when they first aired; it seems like forever ago!

    Thank you so much for putting this up so I, and others, can relive such great memories! :-D

  12. zhg0507 says:

    ROFL, I love Alison at the end haha

  13. travis082185 says:

    it’s fun to see teh actor playing john and stefano laughing with each other. it”s a fresh change from teh rivalry between joh/stefano

  14. musicalsgal2007 says:

    Hahaha The Is Delicious – with the phoney teeth!!!! LOL

  15. terrifictb says:

    love bloopers thanks for clipping

  16. me900100 says:

    I believe it’s supposed to be pronounced “Doe-mare-a” but everyone says it differently anyway. Or maybe it’s because Drake pronounces it like two words. To tell the truth, I don’t really get it either.

  17. johnmarlena says:

    I don’t really get it either… but I guess it’s because Drake said “Duh” Mira.

  18. NsyncFan05 says:

    me either…i don’t get it

  19. powergirl1 says:

    I don’t understand the blooper with Drake and Joe. Please Help!!

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