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Soap Opera #2 Claire gets even with Audrey! These two characters appear in my initial video “Instant Video Blogging”, and their soap opera continues… Do not forget to rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!! Christine
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25 Responses to “Soap Opera #2”

  1. muse7690 says:

    lol her stomach growl is funny ^^

  2. meggietron324 says:


  3. psi418 says:


  4. MrMingoes says:

    1:46 angry tummy

  5. MrSluggo666 says:

    who are you trying to kid you are phillipino, what the fuck would you know about soap?

  6. K8LeeN143 says:

    that evil chuckle is wierd.. ahhaha! XD

  7. MikeyChristianson says:

    Hey funny videos! Come check out my Soap Opera Youtube Series. One of the episodes turns into a Spanish Soap Opera and it also includes an evil twin! Visit my channel, and if possible favorite some of my vids, thanks! You’re an inspiration!

  8. PunkHeart131 says:

    this is MUCH better than the ones I see on tv :)

  9. YenSturr says:

    @Martha15Gonzales , HAHHAAH your funny.
    but same here too. i had to replay it :]

  10. Martha15Gonzales says:

    @YenSturr oooh, i just thought that was my tummy heheh =) guess not

  11. 3mudflap says:

    funny hahahahahahahahaha

  12. CindySaysMoo says:

    @enqvistleyco it’s called my first blog she was like testing out styles for her video and then she tried a soap opera format haha

  13. GlitzyGlamy says:

    I just love the drama your a good actress, and a good editor, AND a very good ACTRESS! wait I already said that!

  14. YvesIsaki says:

    LOL Oh Shoot!

  15. TSCMovement4Life says:

    yall shyt wack man…..wack……

  16. TSCMovement4Life says:

    lmao bich yo hungry ass

  17. Venus685 says:

    LOL Love the drama

  18. Aztecabrn says:

    what a bitch!! i’ll still do her

  19. jlegaspi12 says:

    wow. it sounded like you cracked the glass.

  20. Uhnkledax says:

    Funniest evil laugh EVERRRR

  21. enqvistleyco says:

    Where’s the first one??

  22. emmettsluv says:

    Luv the drama

  23. pinayatlove9 says:

    better yet amber gets even with audrey! im trying to get even with my sister audrey.need ideasss! shes older by two years soo help!

  24. Midlight1 says:

    lol u look like my aunt!

  25. sourgirl98765 says:

    ha.ha. that was funny

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