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Snoopy on the Flying Doctor

Snoopy on the Flying Doctor

Image by Bandido of Oz
My mother painted Snoopy on the nose of the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s Charleville plane in the late 1960′s. We’ve heard (but not confirmed) that every RFDS Charleville plane since has had a Snoopy on it. This photo is a frame grab from standard 8mm footage of my father’s.
BTW … That’s me in the bottom right corner of the shot.

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4 Responses to “Snoopy on the Flying Doctor”

  1. coolowl says:

    How cool does it get? ! ;-) ))


  2. .steve.t says:

    love that grainy effect – certainly representative of the period.

  3. Bandido of Oz says:

    That’s no effect, that’s just having what amounts to a (roughly) 5mm neg.

  4. says:

    really cool story!
    do you have more of these frames?

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