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Snoop Dogg on One Life To live Day 1

Snoop Dogg on One Life to Live Day 1 credit for clips thanks to
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25 Responses to “Snoop Dogg on One Life To live Day 1”

  1. rogueamp says:

    Has anyone ever called him Mister Dogg?

  2. mikertones says:

    what a dick head ,snoop dog is over man ,times up snoopy dog dog

  3. samhamd315 says:

    forgot rj too

  4. samhamd315 says:

    man that was a long time ago because adrianna’s barely on and u never see that blonde chick that was with bo (forgot her name)

  5. BettorOffSingle says:

    How the hell does anyone who uses AutoTune get a record deal? That is NOT singing?

  6. BettorOffSingle says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t give his phone number out to Bo as 777-CASH

  7. BettorOffSingle says:

    @LetThereBeXenu I wanted him to remake the old version:

    What the FUCK you gonna do?
    When you’re so FUCKING wasted you can’t find the rainbow’s end
    This time….

  8. acieduce1 says:

    actually the real song is called sexual eruption ppl get it together.

  9. SanAntonioSweety says:

    So true yish, as his intro was one of the hardest but I like they way snoop has grown. I know his new cd is out & his trying to show ppl he’s still hard but whatever we all evolve in mind frame at some point. MY all time fav song of his is Beuatiful with Farrell.

  10. butterflygrl8363 says:

    It’s not sexual seduction its sensual seduction. Don’t worry first time i heard that song thats what i thought it was to. lol. but its sensual not sexual.

  11. royalsteven says:

    Ehhh yeah it’s kinda weak because I would a legend like Snoop not fuck around with weak autotune. I mean c’mon man, Doggy! And that mic…let me just open my mouf and stare in disbelief O_O

  12. magickal87 says:

    shoulda kept the snoop theme that he’d sing for the show not some fuckin crappy ass instrumental beat. cuz the way he made it was the best and eh happened to be the 1stas a guest tar to do dat.

  13. coxcoo says:

    I Love this (there’s more to life than rap music!)

  14. karatewarrior117 says:


  15. yishayisrael says:

    For those of us who were REALLY around when snoop was at his peak, if we can go back to 92-96 and look into THIS future, we’d be like “What the F*CK is THIS shit Snoop???” LOL.

  16. xbox360mastermoris says:

    wanna be a Gangsta

  17. latinahoney123 says:

    they also had nelly furtado on here I remember.

  18. latinahoney123 says:

    I’m not really a fan of snoop dogg but I liked him that day on OLTL, some people may not like that song sexual seduction and it may be a little provacative but its not like he swears or anything. I normally wouldnt think he would do a song like that but he did. its nice :)

  19. ALEXHOOPS4 says:

    that song sensual seduction is gay

  20. MikMikChic says:


  21. Vikingsgirl07 says:

    can you post august 22 cuz i can’t find it

  22. LetThereBeXenu says:

    wow… this is really gangsta.

  23. ShutEmDownNow says:

    So far, OLTL has had appearances by Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg and Kurtis Blow (yes, I’m old school enough to remember that back in the 80s). It’s obvious which soap really loves hip hop.

    And yes, the Snoop Dogg remix opening is hot.

  24. agrayson1985 says:

    They was getting it, All of them ws getting it, especially Roxie

  25. MACCAPONE60 says:


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