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Snoop Dogg – 1 Life To Live Pt.1

Snoop Dogg returns to Llanview to talk about the ladies, hang out with Bo Buchanan and carry out a show.

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9 Responses to “Snoop Dogg – 1 Life To Live Pt.1”

  1. abredell says:

    lol lol awesome

  2. ComedianNickLanford says:

    Snooooop!! To damn cool!!

  3. emlem52 says:

    6:20 it’s funny because the woman that plays Shaun’s mother was drug dealer Heylia on Weeds, a show Snoop guest starred on. That was the whole “you remind me of someone who would always deliver the goods” bit.

  4. Scarecrowman27 says:

    Snoop is smooth as shit dude, I wish I could act like him lol.

  5. sistajulie says:

    That was awesome.

  6. boso5608 says:


  7. yamamadangdang says:

    Make it stop.

  8. samhamd315 says:

    i like that opening way better than the real one

  9. adamdicy says:

    I soo loved the reaction on Edward Alderson’s(Matthew) face when he seen Snoop Dogg in his place.

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