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Smothers Brothers

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25 Responses to “Smothers Brothers”

  1. KEMPROTH says:

    “the folksingers’ guidebook….”

    That one just never gets old.

  2. SyvetheShairks says:

    Why can’t people sych the sound to the video?

  3. Divaonamoon says:

    thts nice ♥

  4. alwayssme says:

    these guys for over 5 decades have been the funniest true comedy team out there, no stupid crap, no vulgarity, and their singing folk is awesome also

  5. milzy1345 says:

    “take it tom!” “no” xD

  6. onemooners says:

    @airnbobo he was someything else

  7. airnbobo says:

    sure look like puma’s!

  8. herzogsbuick says:


  9. dannyheatley14 says:

    @pinkstate was about time !

  10. alexasaurs says:

    @lethe56 That’s how I looked for them a couple months ago,lol.

  11. lethe56 says:

    Thanks to the simpsons for making me discover these guys, love ‘em already!

  12. bigEB184 says:

    I saw this on the Jack Benny Show, that is where this exact clip comes from. These guys were awesome.

  13. rentatrip1 says:

    I used to see Dickie at least 3 nights a week in El Porto , Manhattan Beach at Orville & Wilbur’s …Dickie came in and enjoyed the hospitality circa 1972

  14. mooki69 says:

    Oh my god that was hilarious!

  15. flufrules says:

    Where oh where have the great comediens gone. The Smothers Brothers were among the best. Great entertainment of the first order. flufrules

  16. METROGNOME57 says:

    (cont’d) Their schtick is formulaic: they start singing, Tommy disrupts humorously/controversially), Dick chastises him, they resume and repeat this several times, often not finishing the song. Over time, their patter became increasingly political and anti-Nixon. That’s why their show and “Laugh In” were canceled. I’m glad they’re still performing. They are American icons.

  17. METROGNOME57 says:

    Bwahaha It’s been ages since I watched a B&W TV set with horizontal hold issues! The Smothers Brothers were revolutionary for their time. I know they inspired programs like “Laugh In” and “The Flip Wilson Show.”

  18. melodyfender says:

    It’s so odd to see all the comments about how squeaky clean these guys were, and maybe they were, at first. But they evolved and changed for the better. Tommy got away with a lot of double entendre comments because he looked so middle America. They were both smart, witty and so good at what they did. They were also very brave, Tom especially, with the way they jousted with the censors at the time of their series. Bravo to the Smothers Brothers!

  19. JustxMe0000 says:

    I love them! They are hilarious!! I grew up listening to stuff like this and I still love them….

  20. HolyMotherofGrid says:

    Those truly WERE the days, lol!! The Folks Singers Guide Book indeed. I grew up to the sounds of these two comedic geniuses, and loved every minute of it.

  21. Straussian says:

    Tom: I said to take it and you didn’t take it!
    Dick: I’m sorry. Very sorry. Really, I’m sorry.
    Tom: Well don’t get belligerent!

  22. RCH45ACP says:

    There are to Pumas in America! I have a pair in my closet…

  23. Maoszman says:

    Demi Moore starring as the Pumas in the Cravice.

  24. 1HillbillyGirl says:

    Take it, Tom!

    -grin- Love it. Possibly my favorite Smothers Brothers routine. Thanks for posting this!

  25. Maestrojosh87 says:

    I saw them in Peekskill last year. And I could not agree more.

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