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Smothers Brothers on The Ed Sullivan Show – Performed on The Ed Sullivan SHow on June 19, 1966. Available on the DVD “The Very Best of The Ed Sullivan Show Vol. 2″
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25 Responses to “Smothers Brothers on The Ed Sullivan Show”

  1. suckerpawnch says:

    “They’ll get you”. Oh my god, it’s 2011 and I’m laughing hysterically at a couple of guys playing standup base and doing comedy :P This is so great!

  2. ZGravity2011 says:

    @chomsky88 Stfu Fag

  3. chomsky88 says:

    @ZGravity2011 You should know, shit breath.

  4. hotathlete2 says:

    Was Ed Sullivan Catholic? Must be why he said that: right ed?

  5. jmaxcamp says:

    Thell’ll get you!

  6. fromthesidelines says:

    That’s right, ‘vivid’- the better to keep Ed’s viewers away from “BONANZA” {then #1 in its time period on Sunday nights} long enough to get them to sit through the first few minutes of their show.

  7. vividwatch47 says:

    @fromthesidelines, Sullivan even introduced the first show!

  8. SweetZombiJesus says:

    Are the Venture Bros inspired by the Smothers Brothers?

  9. NinjahHuntar says:

    Press 2 :3

  10. fromthesidelines says:

    This was originally telecast at the end of the season they starred in their filmed sitcom about Tommy the angel, and Dick as his exasperated brother. Happily, six months after this, CBS scheduled “THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR” right after Ed Sullivan on Sunday nights.

  11. ZGravity2011 says:

    woww these guys suck shit

  12. vortex272004 says:

    ive got a damn similar blazer. damn thas some swag

  13. Froggboots says:

    I patted Tommy Smothers on his butt at the IMPROV in West L.A. Oooh lah lah

  14. hanahammy says:

    I love them!

  15. steveplexus says:

    Very funny segment of he Ed Sullivan Show.

  16. Frichie68 says:

    Shared a pitcher of beer with Tommy at the Exodus in Denver in 1960, real nice down to earth guy. Not at all like the clown he acted on stage.
    While another performer was on stage, Tom & Dick were practising (enthusiastically) in the back, had to be quieted down as they were disturbing the act on stage.

  17. DarkAlex174 says:


    Everybody’s hair in the 60′s wouldn’t move if there has a windstorm! Haha.

  18. goindownthe1road says:

    they look like they have plastic Devo hair.

  19. DrewBludd says:

    Who’s that guy with Daniel Tosh?

  20. PAULLONDEN says:

    Inuendo…galore…,A bit tooo obvious though.

  21. Darthsantana says:

    what did he say about catholics im not getting it

  22. ReinOwader says:

    I’m amazed of video quality. Very crisp and sweet colors.

  23. iggypopbowie77 says:

    That is exactly what you need to do,Bud.I could give it to you.

  24. DrewBludd says:

    Daniel Tosh looks like Tommy Smothers

  25. OneVoiceMore says:

    Boo! The routine was cut before the damn punchline.

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