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Smothers Brothers


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  1. PRR5406 says:

    This was when we were naive and innocent, and the drug culture had yet to sicken society. Humor was funny, life was good.
    Simpson, eh?

  2. niflap says:

    @readchomsky Tommy BEWARE!

  3. niflap says:

    There are no pumas anywhere BUT North America.

  4. readchomsky says:

    Bill Cosby brought me here.

  5. PAULLONDEN says:

    Nice catholic boys.

  6. SpongeSebastian says:

    Simpsons brought me here.

  7. ketsustyle says:

    25 year old here. Holy shit these guys were ahead of their time!

  8. lostinmindseye46 says:

    I remember watching a Jack Benny show with the Smothers Brothers, and they Jack laughing so hard. It was great.

  9. lostinmindseye46 says:

    I remember watching a Jack Benny show with the Smothers Brothers, and they Jack laughing so hard. It was great.

  10. simonne234 says:

    the Smothers Brothers are the best comidian in the world………

  11. 12Daniel7 says:

    The vast bosom of America, I thought I would throw a little sex in the show. There are 10 they are afraid of the Pumas.

  12. ShidamProductions says:

    i bought one of their vinyl records today at a thrift store.

  13. Ididnthaveaname says:

    Bart need’s a brother.

  14. CadillacL says:

    OMG, thats still funny. No matter how many times I see it.

  15. rkg77 says:

    I just saw that same episode last night– are the reruns on schedule that perfectly?

  16. MISSBONNIE4445 says:

    love it….would love to see Hermit was a Lobster and Sally was a Crab

  17. catsxrulexafrica says:

    So refreshing. Clean, genius humor. On long trips, my parents would play this bit but I was so young I didn’t understand why it was so funny. I recently youtubed this about a month ago after watching a documentary about these guy who fell in a crevice and it reminded me of this. the whole time i was saying “he’s stuck in deep cravass! hope there are no pumas.” first time actually seeing the guys. its a lot funnier seeing them do the bit.

  18. leopoldmozart says:

    Saw them in vegas about 6 years ago. They are still hilarious. Genius will always come through.

  19. SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

    I actually remember watching this live on TV when I was a kid. The Puma thing broke me up then and still does.

  20. Lity10 says:

    @pinkstate Yeah, I just watched it :) That’s why I came here. :P

  21. KairuHakubi says:

    roffle.. there’s pumas all over america..

  22. 49kasey says:

    @showersinger547 Right! Even just on record they are great!

  23. Blackbeltsmith says:

    take it

  24. ChrissieE5 says:

    Wow! I am 53 and I can only faintly remember a time when network censors wemt thumbs down on uttering the word “hell”. Times certainly have changed… Óź°

  25. rleary1 says:

    These guys are true American Heroes and I still feel that way. God Bless these brothers! My dad had all of their albums & I still love that Puma’s were ‘Frothing in their mouths in deep Cravices!!’ Fantastic stuff!

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