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Smothers Brothers – 01 – Boil That Cabbage Down

The Smothers Brothers from back in the mid 80′s with the Boston Pops.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Smothers Brothers – 01 – Boil That Cabbage Down”

  1. blackbeltdude77 says:

    Tom people didn’t come here to hear us argue. Some of them did.

  2. Landog14 says:

    This episode of the Boston Pops on PBS was the first show we ever recorded on VHS. You see, back in my day, we didn’t have any fancy “YouTube” or “Internet”. If you wanted to remember something for all time, you had to sit down, grab a big hunk of plastic with some flimsy film inside, and record it yourself, consarnit! THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS AND WE LIKED IT!!! WE LOVED IT!!!

    Seriously, though, this is great stuff.

  3. arknell says:

    @chrissylm37 Daniel Tosh could learn a lot from the Smothers Brothers

  4. chrissylm37 says:

    Tom Smothers reminds me of Tosh.0.

  5. mjpk6269 says:


  6. kosherspeare says:

    @woodbutcherjohn They were way ahead of their time. Viewers loved them, but they went beyond the boundaries that shows like “Laugh-In” and “Sonny and Cher” wouldn’t. They didn’t just poke gentle fun at the government, the war, and the Nixon/Agnew team, they trashed them. Not just satirically, but honestly. They’d be considered tame by today’s standards-but they were outspoken in a way that was new at the time. And when they were told to shut up, they spoke up. They’re still hilarious.

  7. woodbutcherjohn says:

    @Belindashort That was a pretty common theme among the variety shows of that era, there must be more to it than that.

  8. Belindashort says:

    @woodbutcherjohn Being against the vietnam war

  9. woodbutcherjohn says:

    @kosherspeare I used to watch them in the 60s and 70s, they were hilarious! They were the Abbott & Costello of their day. I didn’t realize that they had “issues” with the censors, they always seemed to be dignified in their act. What were the censors after them about?

  10. Frugellhound says:

    lol,they were great eh

  11. RMNCOfficial says:

    I’m 23, my Dad played this LP for me when I was a kid. Needless to say I think I’m a pretty cool guy these days 8)

  12. ms18ins says:

    what i wouldnt give for a dvd of this.

  13. dananola says:

    This is the amazing timing that only siblings can have. Perfect!

  14. gigantes1966 says:

    jesus, this stuff us painfyll to watch.,

  15. tlchv says:

    This kind of entertainment really shows why the Academy Awards stinks. The Smothers Brothers can act, sing, play music, and tell jokes. People like James Franco and Ann Hathaway are actors, not entertainers. They don’t know how to entertain a live audience. Unfortunately, they represent new Hollywood, who cannot entertain without being within a very controlled situation — with writers, directors, sound mixers, editors, and cinematographers to make them appear better than they really are.

  16. garylobo3 says:

    Absolutely brilliant timing – they’ve been doin’ it for nearly 50 years now – and here they look as good as they did on the old Sullivan show in the 60s. Their comedy is timeless – their love for one another is obvious, and for what they do and did, I for one, will always be grateful… Thanks boys. And btw, Tommy? I’ll bet your mom actually liked YOU best, what’dya think of that?

  17. KairuHakubi says:

    oh god, how did he know it was the third time.. that took me a second..
    But see, he thought the first two times were ‘naked bacon’, so it makes sense.

  18. lettermen1 says:

    That WAS a compliment….. was as surprised as anyone!

  19. thisismyidgdi says:

    “If I could live my life over again I would take it, I just don’t have the time.” Too damn funny.

  20. itoaragon says:

    Thumbs up if you came here after watching that Simpsons episode

  21. flashoftruth says:

    i used to be in the dueling pirate show at the MGM, tommy’s son loved our show and tommy invited our cast to see them at the sahara. i was so flattered i thought i would puke. i saw them everytime they performed for the next 2 nights and even though the premise was the same, the show was always different. we got to hang out backstage and i became pretty good friends with them. they are incredible people and talented beyond words…and two of the most down to earth performers i have ever met.

  22. richart58 says:

    i loved the show when i was a kid. remember being upset when “THE MAN” cancelled them !

  23. terrryc says:

    They started out as a ‘serious’ folkie act, then found their wings as screwball comedians. Their father, believe it or not, was an Army general. My parents hated them, which automatically made them favorites of mine. I only wish that they would have gone on Saturday Night Live, and played the Bush Brothers, George and Jeb. That would have been totally insane. MAY THE SIBLING REVELRY GO ON FOREVER!

  24. kay1864 says:

    @thisismyidgdi I think you meant 5:13, but yes the look is hilarious.

    “Tom, people did not come here to hear us argue”
    “Some of them did…”

  25. StarWarsObsession42 says:

    My fave one… this one and Micheal Row the boat ashore =D

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