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SLUGABED – QUANTUM LEAP (official video)

Official video for “Slugabed – Quantum Leap”. Buy the EP Check out his music My other work

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25 Responses to “SLUGABED – QUANTUM LEAP (official video)”

  1. easternarchitecture says:

    this is so jizzy. i jizzed

  2. accountmaniac says:

    Off The Air from adult swim brought me here. this song is really cool!

  3. alexbutlerful says:

    my brain has melted…

  4. dave38x says:

    @qiman2 running off Breakage and Bengas definitions of what constitutes dubstep on the bassweight documentary then yeah :P

  5. NeloAngelo33 says:

    This is what Nyan Cat must see when it’s tripping on shrooms while flying through space. Either that or this is what it always sees…

  6. slimshady728 says:

    My mind is full of fuck

  7. Swangtang says:

    nyan cat POV

  8. CaponeXX says:

    This video is a look inside the magical world of nyan cat

  9. RaulBaracus says:

    I think it needs more triangles.

  10. njpitts420 says:

    So the weirdest shit happened today, apparently I don’t discover this track for another 3 months, but it is so badass that I felt compelled to build a time machine and come back to today and tell my present self to check it out. Was nuts, got home and there I am sitting at my computer with this page open and all I said to me was “listen dude, 3 months is too long to wait” then a flash of light and I was gone. Needless to say, future me was right this is a dope track

  11. qiman2 says:

    In retrospect, I kinda feel like I dissed all of Slugabed’s fans.

  12. iFlasH says:

    @qiman2 No.

  13. qiman2 says:

    Does this count as dubstep? If so, I hate myself.

  14. rib0 says:

    Fucking fantastic video

  15. nuskoolbreaksus says:

    Another Tune full of Amazing and forward thinking Leadwork. 10/10 for Underground D. Music.

  16. IResearchedHistory says:

    Learned about this from Adult Swims show Off the Air. I NEEDED MORE.

  17. 92451721921892113 says:

    i didnt know geometric shapes were so frggin threatening to conspiracy fruit loops

  18. xXneonthrowupXx says:

    YAY! Off the Air! 83

  19. jnwpse says:

    3:40 Schrodingers cat keeps dying and coming back.

  20. Krillo1331 says:

    @iceroxxx – f***ing hell yeah, called Bastet

  21. alemmingsdeath says:

    My cat swears he’s god too.

  22. Daveaktigersoul says:

    @lucky21708 hey retard fuck boy, the illuminati pyramid has an all seeing eye at the top… without that its just a fucking geometric figure, not an illuminati symbol, do your research dipshit

  23. bangledarm says:

    3:40 KITTEH!!!1 =^+^=

  24. THdezire says:

    I know the meaning of life now.



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