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Slowly I Turn


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25 Responses to “Slowly I Turn”

  1. ajungfreudian says:

    @KiminyLala I was just asking my wife if she could hear him. lol You can hear him in so many episodes.

  2. BramGroatFilms says:


  3. zerobeat18 says:

    A great take on an old vaudeville routine. The 3 Stooges did my favourite version of all time. The last time I heard it was in the 70′s, on the Mike Douglas show (Moe Howard was the guest).

  4. ihateyoushauna says:

    @monalisaariasmartin You can usually hear all of them laughing when they aren’t on film.

  5. CHYNNARULES13 says:

    slowley i turn, step by step, inch by inch.ha ha

  6. sundi712 says:

    @KiminyLala wow as many times as I’ve seen this episode I never noticed this until now.

  7. iamsuzystar says:

    You can hear Desi laugh…thats really neat!

  8. hispuregarden says:

    Martha! lol! Just love Lucy. When I’ve had a horrible day like today, Lucy always makes me laugh! The world has never had another like her–and never will. I love Lucy!

  9. odiloveseverthing says:

    you can hear desi laughing 1:02-1:15 or it is’nt him? I ‘m a huge fan!!!

  10. paul5302 says:

    HAHA! Yeah. You really can hear Ricky laughing in the backround.

  11. T2theTam says:

    you can hear Ricky laughing….aww how adorable!

  12. MartaGabri says:

    Her face is priceless!

  13. misswings83 says:

    Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Drop that!
    On the floor?
    No! Let me have it!


    This is probably my favorite scene ever. Lucy was (and is) the pure definition of comedy perfection. ♥

    And I LOVE her gasp! Can’t get enough of it. So funny!

  14. inkey2 says:

    I am not 100% sure….but pretty sure this is an old routine passed down through the years in the old vaudeville days of the stage in the early part of the 20th century…..very likely pre-dates the three stooges. In fact many of the routines the 3 stooges did were from the silent film era….like the clam in the soup that kept squirting curly. Of course the three stooges did these old routines perfectly. Nothing wrong with updating old successful routines for younger audiences.

  15. cartledgej says:

    the three stooges was the birth of this gag

  16. jeffrey2177 says:

    yea you can that is great huh!

  17. DenshaDeGoExpert says:

    I almost said Martha….(gasp)

  18. supergirlfan18 says:

    hey did anyone notice ricky is laughing after she gets pied??

  19. mets2128 says:

    Martha? Slowly I turned. step by step inch by inch I looked for a rock and I couldn’t find one so I grabbed a handful of Niagara Falls and I let him have it!

  20. KiminyLala says:

    you can hear ricky laughing in the background :D

  21. kribbod says:

    this is stupid, what does cake have to do with turning?

  22. mrfamous333 says:

    It started on Vaudeville in the 20s and 30s. I Love Lucy is a bit later.

  23. Pikatroid42 says:

    Which came first, this or the Three Stooges version?

  24. Matthew6870 says:

    Can you upload this whole scene? I’d live to see it from the top.

  25. TheChristianTower says:

    the made me laugh sooo many times

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