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skippy the bush kangaroo

the DVD advert for Skippy
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25 Responses to “skippy the bush kangaroo”

  1. MultiNaton says:


  2. BellaBrown2010 says:

    So the 80s

  3. 0914abigail says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! reminds me of how fun it was to watch skippy wit my late brother

  4. AnimeAntic113 says:

    @ChawSchaw they are fake arms

  5. akira6170 says:

    wow skippy is smarter than me

  6. labohemia1313 says:

    Good old memory!!! I was watching Skippy when i was young!!!

    De bons vieux souvenirs, hey oui j’├ęcoutais Skippy quand j’├ętais jeune!!! ;-)

  7. HyperHappy1 says:

    cuuute :D

  8. elvenwishes says:

    Such a clever Skippy lol… My aunty use to rescue joeys after their mothers were injured or killed so I have been around roos for as long as I can remember…I use to watch the TV series and thought it was cool and this is well different I guess…I love our national mammals..

  9. redw22 says:

    wheres the peanut butter?

  10. Wolfmoss1 says:

    Skippy tastes like a good, lean steak. mmmm

  11. SPOOKSTR says:

    Skippy tastes like CHICKEN !!!!!

  12. anavrin91 says:

    @ChawSchaw haha, so true!

  13. BJHBNE says:

    I wonder what Skippy tastes like.

  14. leicestergirl63 says:

    This is hilarious! I used to watch this when I was a kid and loved it. Of course, at the time I took it more seriously and probably believed she could actually do all those things for real! Watching this clip I couldn’t stop laughing. Priceless!!

  15. frozenmouse76 says:

    i still carry from my child hood a deep subconscious belief that grey kangaroos can do anything.

  16. Saxonmarko says:

    hahahahahah skippy as a drummer hahahah chill ;-)

  17. onlywhenpissed says:

    @chapmanhamilton Peace.

  18. chapmanhamilton says:

    @onlywhenpissed…Haha…Hey mate, you were watching skippy videos first haha! Lots of love from oz…just putting on some sunscreen for a 31 degree day fishing :-)
    Think I’ll just catch a couple of rainbow trout, pull some crayfish nets, perv on the local bikini clad chics, have a romp with my blond big titty (hot) g/friend and then eat a few prawns…Ahhhhh life!!! and the funniest part is that is all true, HAHAHAHA!!!
    Lots of love from convict land :-)

  19. onlywhenpissed says:

    @chapmanhamilton Yep we shipped our thieves and vagabonds to Australia. Just wtf are you doing watching Skippy videos anyway? Skippy is about the best Australia has to offer the rest of the world.

  20. chapmanhamilton says:

    @onlywhenpissed Hey Lamo?…What do poms most enjoy about travelling o/sea’s? Getting the fuck out of fog, rain and misery!! Oh, nice comments from your Mr Bean leader the other day, “Stupid old bigot!” HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha!

  21. Aussiemarco says:

    @timbuktoo2 – you know, if it wasn’t for the fuckhead people, the shitty weather and the crap food, Britain would be a fantastic place.

  22. onlywhenpissed says:

    @Aussiemarco. I wasn’t expecting such a characterless city. It was dull, uninteresting and full of ex British criminals. And I never saw a kangaroo or any Aborigines, probably because the Ozzies had driven them out of their rightful homelands. The more I think about it, the more Australia sucks.

  23. Aussiemarco says:

    @onlywhenpissed – what did u expect from Melbourne in winter? LMAO.

  24. timbuktoo2 says:

    no piss off

    im bored……………..

  25. timbuktoo2 says:

    I luv wimbledon but we cant win a title
    I luv me cricket & we beat u aussies twice in 24yrs LOL
    I luv me royal family but there german
    I luv the spacious housing we live in coz I luv sitting on my neighbour lap
    But best of all I luv me soccer but oorr shit we lost to u last time 3-1
    We dont drink forsters you dickheads do
    know what I mean.

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