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‘Six Million Dollar Man’ Out on DVD

It’s been more than 35 years since ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ took to the airways, becoming an iconic TV show. Star Lee Majors has details on the newly released complete DVD set, available at (Nov. 24)
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25 Responses to “‘Six Million Dollar Man’ Out on DVD”

  1. yvonnevanwort says:

    Lee Majors,you still look great!! I have met him in Singapore 1979 (He is just a very nice man……;-)good luck to him always…x

  2. unit666industries says:

    “six million man” still one expensive man…

  3. MightySaturn5 says:

    @magnetomikey…the first of the 3 movies (The moon and the desert) was certainly better then much of the current stuff out there while the first “tv” episode (Population zero) was probably the best overall since it had absolutely no sound effects, used the slow motion to great effect and had this dazzling jazz piano playing over the theme during the episodes dramatic climax…almost immedietly after that episode the production was redirected towards young kids and in hindsight looks silly

  4. alienhddna says:

    i wonder did elvis wacth this show

  5. bookwormbandit says:

    Never underestimate the power of the leisure suit!

  6. visor109 says:

    2:00 to 2:09…I hope he bought an extended warranty!

  7. kirkindog says:

    @GNeuman LMAO!

  8. GNeuman says:

    Looks like Lee has had Six Million Dollars spent on plastic surgery…Bless you Lee, you were my childhood hero……

  9. GNeuman says:

    Oh no, Jamie was a FEMBOT, oh behave!!

  10. Banner1979 says:

    @Jamison42166 LOL

  11. Jamison42166 says:

    @Banner1979 and he didnt even “SQUEAK” LOL

  12. srb9 says:

    Exclusive offer only!!! ARRGH!!!

  13. Zorn76 says:

    Wow, I feel old now. It’s kinda sad to see Lee Majors pitching the “Bionic hearing aid” on infomercials now, too.

  14. semido66 says:


  15. rleary1 says:

    @ooOmegaSupremeoo If you want to see cool Science Fiction with story/humor watch the original Robo-Cop. That movie is Fantastic.

  16. rleary1 says:

    @ooOmegaSupremeoo Hey,it might bring you memories of when you were a kid watching your favorite show but this show wasn’t very good. And as I stated I followed Lee Majors on other shows. It’s a matter of preference & you probably didn’t see shows like The Fugitive, Combat, Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, Wild Wild West, Night Gallery (later 70′s) but na na na na na just didn’t do it for me.You are correct if you compare this show to the crap reality programming America has now, It was great!

  17. ooOmegaSupremeoo says:


    You suck ass. The series was great from beginning to end. You just don’t appreciate good tv shows.

  18. ooOmegaSupremeoo says:


    Wrong! The whole show from beginning to end was great. You’re just a hater.

  19. mark40511 says:

    Loved this show!!! I think I’m going to buy the box set! Did he say only for ONE year? What did that mean? That it’s only going to be available from Time Life for one year?

  20. xwingclass says:

    the only good thing about this show was lee majors and the beginging credits thats it.

  21. sashsash500 says:

    I love this man

  22. sashsash500 says:

    What beautiful memories

  23. sashsash500 says:

    I was told at the time of age 22 years

  24. rleary1 says:

    I just saw a TV ad for this DVD calling it ‘Legendary/Ground Breaking’? This show had to be the cheesiest, crappiest show I ever saw as a child.I liked Lee Majors in Big Valley & Pirahna but this show sucked ass big time.Basically, you show a guy in slow motion, get a good Echoplex & reverb unit, and go na na na na na na na while he’s moving in slow motion?OMG this show sucked! Even Richard Anderson (RIP) looked embarassed! Bye! I gotta go make a sandwich in slow motion.. na na na na na na na

  25. uzimodem says:

    it was an okay show, was pretty hokey though.

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