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Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman – Kill Oscar 2009 : Retooled/Enhanced (Sample Clip 4)

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25 Responses to “Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman – Kill Oscar 2009 : Retooled/Enhanced (Sample Clip 4)”

  1. theknightlynews says:

    1:17, classic Steve Austin chest hair shot.

  2. 22centman36 says:

    @wicky1 not for 1976. In 76 thse wer super advanced special effects.

  3. 4dales says:

    She was truly a babe then. Very underrated one I would add.

  4. DavidDietzII says:

    Hate Bio-dudes lil mooshtahsh!

  5. wicky1 says:

    This is bad. This is like Plan 9 bad.

  6. bookwormbandit says:

    This totally real. This really happened.

  7. vapourmile says:

    Sinister. It’s worth remembering the context of programs like these since robotics was just reaching the public imagination. You could think of it as like the genetic engineering debate of it’s day with many paranoid stories of what could happen if we unleash something we don’t fully understand. Programs like this do put into context what an utter work of fantasy most people’s paranoia really is. Luckily, it gave us great entertainment like this.

  8. GNeuman says:

    @lem0n2lime It’s that old Professor out of the law student series, The Paper Chase, John Houseman

  9. MrArpas123 says:

    Walk with Me and I will take care of U !

  10. visor109 says:

    0:16…”West World”?

  11. SPICESMUGGLER71 says:

    When I was little, I was scared to death of the fembots and bigfoot on this show. Couldn’t watch those episodes alone.

  12. MasterJediDude says:

    That’s not the regular Steve Austin. That is “El Hombre Nuclear” — the Spanish version of Steve Austin. You’ll note the mustache. ;)

  13. MasterJediDude says:

    @lem0n2lime That’s John Houseman.

  14. billjoe39 says:

    RIP Corinne Comacho ( Lynda Wilson )

  15. rickames says:

    @peteklop There’s a difference between a ‘smart ass & a dumb ass’, i guess you fall in the catageory of the ‘dumb ass! Dumb ass!

  16. racefan32 says:

    @rickames She’s still decent looking for 61

  17. racefan32 says:

    @lem0n2lime I think it’s Donald Pleasence, (Halloween).

  18. Brinah says:

    oy, that face creeped me out as a kid!

  19. pnyc1969 says:

    @TheSteelersrock1010 Sounds reasonable to me. I bought my Season 2 set yesterday and plan to spend tonight watching it. I think I’ll leave the fembots for a special occasion and just watch a few of my quirky faves tonight: “In the Corner, Jaime Sommers”, “Black Magic” and “Sister Jaime” probably!

  20. TheSteelersrock1010 says:

    @pnyc1969 i think they left it unattended cause they thought it wasn’t working …i just bought season 2 on DVD and this is on there and in this scene Steve ask Dr Wells what happen to that fembot and Dr .Wells said don’t know it just shut down .. so they thought it was no threat then Dr. Franklin got it remotely back up and they like wtf ..but thats how it happen and i think thats why they left it unattended

  21. lifeson46 says:

    bionic PORNSTACHE

  22. Xmus44 says:

    ROFLOL I wouldnt be afraid of a thing looking that stupid, even if it sed “im going to kill you” XD

  23. THEEND123321 says:

    bionic sex!

  24. gaykid80 says:

    While you guys fantasize about the fembots… I’m enjoying Lee Majors’ hotness in this vid!! man he was sexy!!!!!!!!!

  25. cjs33139 says:

    oh man, Lee Majors was hot back then! Every gay teen in the 70s drooled over him, including me. LOL Now I see why Carson Kressley almost passed out when Oprah surprised him with a visit from Majors on her show a few months ago. Most gay teens in the 70s had a crush on Lee. I wish they could bring back track and jump suits, lol

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