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Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman clips

“The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman” segment from the Tv GUIDE LOOKS AT SCIENCE FICTION special (2001) hosted by William Shatner

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25 Responses to “Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman clips”

  1. WolvoExPunk says:

    @CainTheMain No, inflation.

  2. ayla8251 says:

    @CainTheMain lol

  3. warcamp70 says:

    she could hear things a half mile away. shit, that’s just the typical gossiping woman.

  4. kxmode says:

    @lsl70 Kind of like that scene at the end of ROCKY 3 when Rocky and Apollo both throw punches at the same time?

  5. ledzepellin123 says:

    the bionic woman have bionic pubic air

  6. Nomasain says:

    The 7 million dollar man also had s bionic dick. The cum shot could impregnate women 200 yards away; whether they wore clothes or not.

  7. elvis3700 says:

    @CainTheMain Yes lol

  8. newguy33X says:

    @CainTheMain Maybe he was just 7 mil because of inflation.

  9. RatzAzz69 says:

    lmao @ 0:40 with the rock !

  10. bloodhoun138 says:

    And she can jump 30 feet into the air, *Jumps only 2 feet*

  11. stupullen says:

    @ariphrp1 Agreed…a super spine would be needed, i think this was touched upon in the book.

  12. stupullen says:

    @RaynorX about 8 Billion…so, the re-make could not be the original tidal…maby “Cyborg: The Bionic Man” would be cool.

  13. Astraldragon1 says:

    @CainTheMain Barney had 2 arms and 2 legs. Steve only had 1 arm and 2 legs plus the bionic eye. as for why Barney lost the fight.. Simple Steve had more experience useing his bionic parts and had more experience in fighting. Barney didn’t have Steve’s experience. Barney couldn’t handle being Bionic. he was drunk with power.

  14. pragzter says:

    In the end of this clip, the robot was gonna say “I’ll hit that.”

  15. ariphrp1 says:

    @Scyllax yep.. maybe exoskeleton will be more acceptable, right?

  16. ariphrp1 says:

    @Musicmania1968 hahahaah LOL

  17. ariphrp1 says:

    @Scyllax OK Then, if they add some reinforcement this make sense.. hahaha thank’s for the Info..

    feels like I am a part of Sheldon-Leonard personality in Big Bang Theory series.. who always discuss unrealistic stuff very seriously.. eventhough it’s only a movie..

  18. Scyllax says:

    @HerrEllsworth That was in the novel “Cyborg”, too.

  19. Scyllax says:

    @logik316 It was more that Barney Miller (renamed Hiller) was drunk with power. In the novel “Cyborg”, Steve Austin experienced a psychosomatic pain when one of his limbs was damaged, showing how in tune he was with the bionics.

  20. Scyllax says:

    @ariphrp1 In the novel “Cyborg”, Steve Austin was also given a reinforced skeletal system to withstand the added stress of the robotic limbs.

  21. ariphrp1 says:

    There’s a misconception from this TV Series.. They only change steve austin’s legs, arms and an eye.. how could he be so strong with using ordinary people back bone? the force is not only working from arm to legs.. He can bear the load with the bionic arm and transformed to the bionic legs by his ordinary spine.. and the back bone was not broken?? very 70′s movies when people still easy to be fooled.. LOL

  22. ariphrp1 says:

    @CainTheMain 1Million dollar for paying the creator’s debt.. LOL =))

  23. kotze5 says:


    What cost $6000000 in 1974 would cost $25812096.07 in 2009. Got no results for 2010

  24. pfcwar5150 says:

    now its the “6 trillion dollar man” after you factor in Obama care

  25. theman2017inc says:

    Happy 80th birthday Bill Shatner!!!!!

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