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Six Million Dollar Man Battles Bigfoot

A clip from a classic episode of the hit show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. Obtain this entire episode on DVD at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Six Million Dollar Man Battles Bigfoot”

  1. alienhddna says:

    i have all the big foot episode and the them bot episode allso

  2. alienhddna says:

    i have this on vhs tape

  3. ErmineskinCreelov says:

    Even when the people are watching on their view screen it’s in slow motion.

  4. Crazycuddles27 says:

    the sound effect sounds like we are at war..

  5. OnenessCalibratious says:

    cheezy sound effects LOL!

  6. shimokita2 says:

    What a bizarre scene. Typical 70s kitsch.

  7. PopsDizzy says:

    Shaq has a bigger foot than this Bigfoot. But damn Stephanie Powers was hot!!!

  8. CattitudeInterlude says:

    @RVBOY2 you know…I thought the same thing when I saw that….that it wasn’t just a footprint, but it was a print in plaster!!! boy…you would think the people doing these shows wouldn’t make all the mistakes they make :D
    good gravy people!

  9. CattitudeInterlude says:

    @MrPurrfect68 you read my mind-I was just gonna put that on here :D
    yup…he was a ‘gentle giant’ in real life you know….

  10. videozfann says:

    @RVBOY2 A little off their bud. Andre The Giant did the first 2 partner Bigfoot episode. Ted Cassidy did the 2 followups and he was Lurch from the Addams Family. Fred Gwyne was Herman on The Munsters.

  11. SuperGamer68 says:

    @LeastLikedCritic75 Well…If anybody could do that…Andre Could! lol

  12. joseholi says:

    Agghhh, Messin’ with Sasquatch, beef jerky anyone ?????

  13. LeastLikedCritic75 says:

    Lee Majors said he was picked up and thrown 20 feet, when filming this.

  14. superdoobo says:

    I like this scene because they didn’t make Steve so powerful that he just beats the bigfoot guy. Let’s face it Steve was getting his head handed too him. Also in typical fashion for pre-80′s television Steve is the good guy because bigfoot swung first.

  15. superdoobo says:

    I like this scene because they didn’t make Steve so powerful that he just beats the bigfoot guy. Let’s face it steve was getting his head handed too him.

  16. RVBOY2 says:


    yes for 2 episodes and also he was played by Ted Cassidy the munsters dude :) for two episodes

  17. RVBOY2 says:

    Why the hell was that footprint already in plaster?

  18. XJadynX says:

    Steve’s Weakness… only one Arm was Bionic… hell in his shoes I would of had the other one replaced

  19. videozfann says:

    @dhunt1964 I kind of thought something was up because you heard a modified bionic sound on Bigfoot!

  20. PWG1Red says:…Time-Life has remastred all episodes

  21. dhunt1964 says:

    I remember watching this for the first time when I was a kid and I did not realize bigfoot was bionic until Steve pull off his arm. Great show.

  22. videozfann says:

    come check out the full Bigfoot on episode on my page, thanks.

  23. retrofann1 says:

    @jd7779311 5 seasons bud, price will probably come down

  24. kataisa3 says:

    What is it about the Big Foot episodes that the SMDM fans love so much? I also vividly remember the space probe episodes. Freaked me out for weeks.

  25. TheEleventhIndian says:

    Owch!..I mean Arrgh! I need to put this in a bucket of ice right away! Pull my arm will ya!

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