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Sister Act two – Oh Pleased Day

A clip from Sister Act 2.

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25 Responses to “Sister Act two – Oh Pleased Day”

  1. ikbinsandra says:

    i think this is one of the most wonderfull music numbers of the world!

  2. youngdave1118 says:

    720 ppl dont have lives….

  3. TZeveRe says:

    Mierda, tengo los pelos de punta SON JODIDAMENTE BUENOS !

  4. cscentrlTV says:

    @MrAnimalcrossing – I’m sure it is her. ^__^

  5. 14CandyLady says:


  6. MrAnimalcrossing says:

    @cscentrlTV nawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. MrAnimalcrossing says:

    @DSmashify same here i feel the same way

  8. Patzen1993 says:

    ich will auch so trällen koennen wir der Kerl bei 2:31 :o *______*

  9. DSmashify says:

    Unbelievable i can honestly listen to this over and over again ;)

  10. cscentrlTV says:

    ThAt’s Lauryn Hill in the background! O_O

  11. TheNickzie says:

    @RyanManUtd91 WHO R U TALKING BOUT ??!!?!

  12. gintoki16 says:

    whats the name of the kid?

  13. Laluminou says:

    Now i’ve got a Happy Day XD

  14. TheHotskilletbiscuit says:

    screw glee, this is where the good stuff is at.

  15. sick2bu says:

    Still goosebumps after all these years. =)

  16. Carolyn6510 says:

    I can feel it!!

  17. supermixgirl says:

    i think im in love with this song

  18. 28lighningbolt19 says:

    I thank Jesus for amazing things like this that can draw people to him, And also, praising becomes just that much more fun, haha!

  19. 28lighningbolt19 says:

    @Crystalbeany well i gave this vid a thumbs up, so shush up

  20. 28lighningbolt19 says:

    goosebumps, especially on crazy high note!!! haha LOL

  21. jalisa0616 says:

    omg he is cute n can sing better go

  22. UHvsHI says:

    best part 2:29

  23. mond0man says:

    Whatever Happened to City High?? they were a great group.

  24. Katskradle931 says:

    This is the original Glee!

  25. KptBaller says:

    Amazing @2:29.

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