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Sing Along With Mitch (1 of 4)

Sing Along With Mitch (1 of 4)
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25 Responses to “Sing Along With Mitch (1 of 4)”

  1. TOKAMEEL says:

    As a kid I remember sitting next to the record player and plopping the “needle”, yes an actual pin type stylus, on the songs that I liked the best.

  2. TheMalaccan says:

    what a golden age classic!! nowadays … sigh

  3. catholicpriest1 says:

    This was broadcast in living color.

  4. vertxxgg says:

    great Mitch Miller

  5. pnull says:

    When he introduced the minstrel show, @ 5:30, I got nervous. I thought I was going to see a bunch of guys in blackface.

  6. DoctorScuba says:

    should I do something like this in My vlog: “LIVE! with Doctor Scuba’?

  7. lake40 says:

    mitch miller invented karoke

  8. hogomeiko says:

    @iomoo Are you thinking about Bridge on the River Kwai theme?

  9. vampirefastcode says:

    He looks like Anton LaVey and that makes me enjoy singing along all that more.

  10. MartasekM says:

    5 listerners of justin bieber dont like mitch miller

  11. mohinderbauer says:

    Great Television! Entertainment with audience participation!

  12. Stalinsgulag says:

    I’m only 19 and i love Mitch miller! I wish was born back then so i could sit in front of the TV and sing along with Mitch miller!

  13. Newzionis says:

    the a-go-go dance while eating sloopy joe burger is awesome-o

  14. iomoo says:

    also, can someone tell me the name of the song that mitch miller wrote that has all the cute whistling in it? thanks!

  15. iomoo says:

    RIP :( such a cute song

  16. higgme1ster says:

    You young kids out there must know that that families really sat in front of the TV singing along to Mitch Miller! It was the real deal back then!

    You have to understand that back then even McDonald’s restaurants only had a handful of locations and they only had open-air walkup windows with picnic tables outside. It would seem like the Dark Ages to young people today.

  17. tonybklyn says:

    This reminds me of Saturday nights at my Grandparents house, when everyone came over for dinner…and hearing the adults singing to the Mitch Miller show.

  18. SteveCarras says:

    WIth Bubbles you could be boith Lawrence Welk AND Mitch Miller at the same time.

  19. Grandhoohah says:

    I always find it so awesome to listen to a part of pop culture of a bygone era. All this was before my time, but I still love listening to it! I still listen to my electronic music and all, but there’s a certain charm about this that transcends across the generations. Thank you, Mitch, for bringing this into my parent’s and grandparent’s home!

  20. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    The beginning of the show had the NBC “Snake” logo, yay!

  21. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    @MrUnidyne And so does the Disney’s “Sing-Along Songs” series.

  22. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    This show was a prerequisite to Disney’s “Sing-Along Songs” series of VHS tapes back in the 80′s and 90′s. Never seen that show before. I used to have these LP’s.

  23. CoincidenceNot says:

    I wish iTunes had “I never Knew”!

  24. weitzfc says:

    one of my first memories is his show . i was walking down the street with my mother in the old neighborhood. i could hear the music coming from about every third house , even people singing along. my dad absolutely loved the show, and even sang along. i must have been about six. my grandparents and parents weren’t embarassed by singing along.

  25. wickerbarb says:

    Will somebody please tell me where I can get the words to all the Mitch Miller&Gang songs???? I love this music. I’m having a Valentine Party for some of my senior citizen friends………..this would be great if I had the words to the music.

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