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Simon & Simon theme

From Seasons three or 4
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Simon & Simon theme”

  1. WilllieMaysHays says:

    You don’t fuck with major dad

  2. SuperAde1974 says:

    I’d completely forgotten this show and theme song!!!!

  3. Bella200939 says:

    0:23 is so cute…..:)

  4. seppie76 says:

    I miss the 80s and their catchy themes. This song always reminds me of McCartney’s “Venus and Mars”.

  5. goraddy says:

    I loved this SHOW

  6. WobblinGoblin1 says:


  7. jdbrown333 says:

    @spudtv Some info/discussion about that here:

  8. landeverge says:

    @oldaliu totally agree,just wish sometimes,they’d get the message and just cancel some of today’s stuff(hands up and admit defeat to match the 80′s and 90′s,but i guess we ‘re stuck with reality tv and the like)
    ..this was great show,though remember even wanting to rush in to catch the theme tune and others..magnum ,mcgyver etc..anyway,preaching to the converted!

  9. thesolaceseeker says:

    wow! i’d forgotten all about this show.. but the title seemed vaguely familiar somehow.. within seconds of watching this intro, the penny dropped and i had a major “oh yeah” moment. thanks for that oh yeah moment lol.

  10. Shadepuppy says:

    One of my ALL time favorites – great duo of adorable men!!

  11. Kammler03 says:

    Thanx !! Great Serial !! And also great “title-track” !!!

  12. videozfann says:

    Glory days of tv. Different times and better times.

  13. videozfann says:

    @whatisbestinlife LOL! Who doesn’t?

  14. whatisbestinlife says:

    From the mean streets of San Diego lol.

    Great theme song and show. I miss this era of TV.

  15. pityification says:

    Wurde leider auf Kabel 1 noch nie gezeigt!?

  16. memphistenn77 says:


  17. pukebag says:

    @oldaliu you got that right! Where have all the good times gone?

  18. 999danlenson999 says:

    @ kzoframe Hek yeh!! Was beginning to wonder if I was the ONLY one who’d noticed that!

    Box sets of Simon & Simon, Riptide, Fantasy Island & Magnum PI, plz : )

  19. omasters4 says:

    Rick & A.J were cool dudes.

  20. samaxe1 says:

    @spudtv; The car they drove had a Targa Top conversion. Just like the S15 jimmy in Riptide was custom for the show.

  21. destructivedandy says:

    I loved this as a kid. Gerald McRaney was a childhood hero (alongside Lee Majors as The Fall Guy) but then he ruined it by being evil in Deadwood! Haha

  22. Venkman007 says:

    Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? When TV themes weren’t just a graphic and a couple of notes, and they lasted well past a minute.
    Gerald McRaney FTW!

  23. FSinWCR says:

    …And so you see, Simon and Simon were not brothers in real life. Only on television.

  24. obake64 says:

    @spudtv Its Bumble Bee LOL

  25. obake64 says:

    @spudtv Its bumble bee lol

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