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Simon & Simon – Season 1

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  1. Metch says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Show, I hope Universal release all 8 seasons, soon, August 5, 2006
    This review is from: Simon & Simon – Season One (DVD)

    This Detective Drama show is one of my favorite. Simon & Simon first telecasted on November 24th, 1981 until its last telecast on March 2nd, 1989 for a total of 8 seasons and 156 episodes which I hope will be released very shortly following the First season.

    Two brothers, but you’d never have known it by looking at them. A.J. and Rick were partners in a small, struggling detective agency. Rick, an eccentric, grubby and laid-back to the point of being lazy. A.J. was conservative, dedicated and ambitious.

    The cast for this show are as follows:
    * Andrew Jackson (A.J.) Simon ….. Jameson Parker
    * Rick Simon ….. Gerald McRaney
    * Cecilia Simon ….. Mary Carver
    * Janet Fowler (1981-1983) ….. Jeannie Wilson
    * Myron Fowler (1981-1983) ….. Eddie Barth
    * Det.Marcel”Downtown”Brown(1983-1987)…..Tim Reid
    * Officer Nixon (1986-1988)…..Scott Murphy
    * Lt.Abigail March(1987-1988)…..Joan McMurtrey
    * Officer Susie(1988)…..Donna Jepsen

    The First season consisted of 13 episodes and they are as follows:
    01 Details at Eleven 11/24/1981
    02 Love, Christy 12/1/1981
    03 Trapdoors 12/8/1981
    04 A Recipe for Disaster 12/17/1981
    05 The Least Dangerous Game 12/29/1981
    06 The Dead Letter File 1/5/1982
    07 The Hottest Ticket in Town 1/12/1982
    08 Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon 1/16/1982
    09 Uncivil Servant 1/27/1982
    10 Earth to Stacey 2/9/1982
    11 Double Entry 3/2/1982
    12 Matchmaker 3/9/1982
    13 Tanks For the Memories 3/16/1982

    I hope all seasons will be released shortly after the first season.

    Thank you for reading my review and have a nice day :)

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  2. J. McDonald says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A great 80′s TV series is finally released on DVD!, September 6, 2006
    J. McDonald

    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Simon & Simon – Season One (DVD)

    Simon and Simon finally arrives on DVD! Season one only has 13 episodes, but remember that you can also track down more Simon and Simon on the Magnum P.I. “season one” DVD box set (which includes the Simon and Simon cross-over episodes).

    Here’s a quick break down of cast info, brief plot info, a list of a few cool guest stars, and then finally my opinions on the series!

    Episode 1:
    Details at Eleven (11/24/81):

    plot: The simons are hired to find the missing step-daughter of a news anchor.

    * Cool guest Stars: MARKIE POST, PETER GRAVES!
    Episode 2:
    Love, Christy (12/1/81)

    plot: Rick and A.J. try to recover a stolen car that belongs to a beautiful college girl!
    Episode 3:
    Trapdoors (12/8/81)

    plot: Simon and Simon are hot on the trail of a young computer hacker!
    Episode 4:
    A Recipe for Disaster (12/17/81)

    plot: A child has been kidnapped and the trial leads Rick and A.J. to Mexico!

    * Cool guest stars: Red West
    Episode 5:
    The Least Dangerous Game (12/29/81)

    plot: Rick and A.J. investigate the death of an animal keeper.
    Episode 6:
    The Dead Letter File (1/5/82)

    plot: A letter mailed 23 years earlier may contain a clue as to who murdered the sender… the day after the letter was sent!
    Episode 7:
    The Hottest Ticket in Town (1/12/82)

    plot: Rick and A.J. find themselves in the middle of a huge counterfeiting scam! Not fake money, fake concert tickets!

    * Cool guest stars: Joey Travolta
    Episode 8:
    Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon (1/16/82)

    plot: A man commits suicide after Rick and A.J. serve him with divorce papers!
    Episode 9:
    Uncivil servant (1/27/82)

    plot: Rick and A.J. are on the hunt for a stolen classified document!

    *Cool guest stars: John Schuck, Jerry Stiller!
    Episode 10:
    Earth to Stacey (2/9/82)

    plot: Rick and A.J. are hired by a bride looking for her runaway groom!

    * Cool guest stars: Lisa Eilbacher
    Episode 11:
    Double Entry (3/2/82)

    plot: A woman hires the simons to find out if her husband is having an affair!
    Episode 12:
    Matchmaker (3/9/82)

    plot: A dating service is not all that it appears to be!
    Episode 13:
    Tanks for the Memories (3/16/82)

    plot: Rick and A.J. are hired to find missing classmates for an upcoming class reuinion.

    * Cool Guest stars: Lance LeGault

    Simon and Simon was never the most stylish or action packed series during the 80′s. The true strength of the series was the actors, Jameson Parker (A.J. Simon) and Gerald McRaney (Rick Simon). The best episodes are those which place an emphasis on the relationship of the main characters, as brothers and also friends.

    Regarding the box set: A bit of a high price tag for a “13 episode” DVD set. I would have given 5 stars if they had released a season one/season two combo box. But I guess we should be happy that it’s finally here and look forward to season two!

    Season two consisted of 22 episodes. Here’s a list of some of the cool guest stars for season two:

    Joe Mantegna, Morgan Fairchild, Don Stroud, Eddie Albert, Lisa Eilbacher, Ray Walston, Robert Ginty, Cleavon Little, and Dean Stockwell.

    The series was a huge success and was on TV from 1981 until 1989! It was cancelled in its eighth season and the final few episodes were not seen until it was in reruns! 156 episodes in all!

    Great 80′s entertainment!


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  3. Kaylee Ranger says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Simon & Simon: The Original!, October 13, 2006
    Kaylee Ranger (Ohio) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Simon & Simon – Season One (DVD)

    This show’s biggest audience was when it was shown in the post-Magnum timeslot and featured the wonderful Tim Reid as the cop, Downtown Brown. There’s no doubt that those seasons are great, but I watched it from day one and have a special fondness for the first season. The Simons were just getting started in the business and not very successful–it had a very different feel as they scrambled to get clients. They go to Tijuana on more than one ocassion, and there’s some great local footage in the first episode. (Rather than the original, though, it’s really the 2nd incarnation of 3–the original pilot was set in Florida and is used in a pair of flashback episodes during the second season.)

    I always loved the orginal theme music that showed up during the episodes in later years, but is in all of its glory right up front for this season. The “not original music” disclaimer on the cover seems to refer only to the season two credits being used on episode 4–the same thing happens on Sleuth network reruns for this one episode. Don’t get me wrong the theme music for season 2 on is just as wonderful–and lo and behold we get it on this set!!! That’s a REAL bonus, in my opinion. The fourteenth episode on this set is season 2, episode 20–”The Secret of the Chrome Eagle.” So we get the new theme on 1/4 and 2/20, and they have different montages (there were at least 2 opening credit sequences in season 2)–I’ve always liked both, so this is yet another bonus feature, im my opinion. 2/20 also features Rick in his green hunting jacket that I remember so fondly.

    The transfers are much better than the recent Riptide set, but not perfect. There are some white flecks from time to time. But it looks darn good.

    I just loved this show when it was on, and it’s a joy to be able to watch it now with no commercials–48 minutes per episode, hooray!

    The 80s Flashback docu isn’t anything all that special, but I think that having a second season ep thrown in so that we get both versions of the theme music and see how different the context became (different office, A.J. had a new car, they were minor local celebs) makes this a wonderful set to own.

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