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Simon & Simon รจ una serie che racconta di un agenzia investigativa privata,con Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. Simon & Simon is a 1980s detective series starring Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker.Originally a 1978 pilot called Pirate’s Key set in Florida, when the show was picked up by CBS, the characters’ home was changed from Florida to San Diego, California where the show’s storyline remained for the course of its eight year run 1981 to 1989 on CBS.The show was almost cancelled in 1982 before it was scheduled to run after Magnum, PI This brought its ratings up and allowed it to run for many years. Simon & Simon actually had a crossover with Magnum, PI, on the Magnum double episode “Ki’s Don’t Lie” and in the Simon & Simon episode “Emeralds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend” (both in 1982).The show revolves around polar opposite brothers Rick (McRaney) and AJ (for “Andrew Jackson”) Simon (Parker). Rick was a Vietnam United States Marine Corps veteran and had much more street sense, while AJ went to college and had book smarts. Rick preferred things that were viewed by his brother as lower-class, like pickup trucks (Rick’s Dodge Power Wagon is notable for its dull paint and large metal bumper used in one episode to crush the engine of a car), while AJ took care of his money and could afford to be more fashionable (AJ often drove a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, and later, a Chevrolet Camaro Z28). Rick lived on a boat in AJ’s yard. AJ preferred to first try to do
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11 Responses to “Simon & Simon”

  1. suegull says:

    Thank you for posting this! Do you happen to have the song from the end credits for the first season?

  2. chuckdd4201 says:

    @pabsk67 Absolutely, I’ve been watching the re-runs since last summer and I watch it on hulu as well. Hulu only has the first 3 seasons so far but I think they’re going to add more soon.I was only 4 when it debuted and12 when it ended. I remember being aware of it but I was too young to e interested, man it’s a great show, I love how you get the episode title at the beginning of each one. best show ever.

  3. pabsk67 says:

    I was about 14 when this show debuted. I discovered it shortly after it first aired and was instantly hooked. Being a teen girl then I was constantly saving any magazine articles, pictures, t.v. guide covers etc. I faithfully watched the show every week it was on. I have started re watching episodes for the first time in years and am also amazed at how it is till cool like you say and not dated. The chemistry and acting is so real and believable. This will always be my fav show.

  4. chuckdd4201 says:

    Great show, I was too young in the 80′s to truely appreciate this awesome show. One of the best detective shows ever and the chemistry between Parker and mcgraney is brilliant, also, it’s still cool and not at all dated like miami vice.

  5. leverage1978 says:

    Grande serie TV!

  6. mthivier says:

    I actually like this first-season opening with the Mexican-sounding music more than the more familiar theme they used for the rest of the series. Mary Carver as the the Simon brothers’ mother isn’t featured in the credits (as she was for the remainder of the show). Was she not on during the first season.

  7. jolyr73 says:

    Io ero completamente andata per A.J.

  8. bengrimm68 says:

    Serie tv molto bella!

  9. daisukeumon70 says:

    I fratelli Simon,grandiosi!

  10. turbospero75 says:

    Grande serie onvestigativa :)

  11. dukefleed68 says:

    Bello :)

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