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Simon & Simon

The theme song from Simon & Simon, the greatest tv show ever.
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25 Responses to “Simon & Simon”

  1. realdeadhead16 says:


  2. dykesy30 says:

    You should watch Jericho. He’s fantastic in that as Mayor Johnston Green.

  3. MrMessoblues says:

    When this theme song would come on, everything else was put on hold…!!!.

  4. SquardesH says:

    I need it serie, please, help me…

  5. Lo94s10 says:

    I remember watching this when I was probably 7 or 8 with my grandfather. We LOVED this show! So many good memories!

  6. ItsdHoff says:

    Great to see Gerald McGraney back on the big screen in the A team.

  7. 80sboy4ever says:

    love the part at :39!!!!!!! OH YA!!!!!

  8. mattkingusa says:


  9. funnyJEC123 says:

    best damn theme song in the world

  10. gtetar says:

    Can anyone tell me what the name may be under . I am trying to download this song from limewire and I can’t find it anywhere

  11. GTGTC says:

    I used to love this theme song. I used to get up and dance at the saxophone part… then my dad would hit me…

  12. agfagaevart says:

    I seem to remember a theme with vocals something like, “…we’re more than brothers, we’re best of friends.”

  13. quacktackular says:

    couldn’t have copied wikipedia any better myself.

  14. SweetJen2009 says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW whatever happen to it

  15. SAMMYMAN7777777 says:


  16. RobertSuperSport says:

    In the fall of 1992, Parker suffered a gunshot wound near his condo, the result of a dispute with his neighbor. Parker made a full recovery, and the neighbor was charged for attempted murder and sentenced to nine years in prison

  17. pandaguy72 says:

    ¡holy shit that was long!

  18. dan6486 says:

    If Jameson Parker was shot and killed how did he testify against his assailant in September 1993? According to the LA Times, Parker stood up for his wife and was shot twice by a deranged neighbor. He later testified against him.

  19. battlestrike78 says:

    i guess im the one of the few people who remember that jameson parker was shot and killed by his neighbor over a dispute about a loud destructive dog

  20. megamanj2004X says:

    Barry De Vorzon also had a hand in creating another terrific theme song to the short-lived “S.W.A.T.” (2/1975-76; ABC).

  21. bbell37968 says:

    How sure are you of this? I know Barry wrote the theme song — no question about that. But, I thought I recalled hearing years ago the Jeff Baxter played on the track.

  22. kevpunk says:

    i dont think its the best theme tune ever, the best has to be brookside

  23. dernettetyp says:

    so cool!

  24. straightshoot says:

    The guitar player here is Barry De Vorzon, the same guy who doubled up with Joe Walsh for “In The City” with the Eagles and “The Warriors” soundtrack! Barry rules, and so does Walsh!

  25. davidinla36 says:

    Probably because this was a better theme, one which conveys action much better than the original. Simon and Simon had a shakey first season and CBS work a lot to promote it, including moving it in the schedule to air right after Magnum.

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