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Simon and Simon, Open 1987

Simon and Simon, Open 1987
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25 Responses to “Simon and Simon, Open 1987”

  1. 001GenLee says:

    The red Camaro they drove was so badass! I bet it had a 350 engine in it, or higher. Man, Simon & Simon, then watch MacGyver, then Mama’s Family at night…..does someone have a time machine? The 2000′s aren’t doing it for me. LOL

  2. sabulba30 says:

    @tnawcwvictoria that explains why i like the song to young and restless lol

  3. sabulba30 says:

    @tinman1102 SO true my mother was like time for bed I never got a chance to watch it but I remember the theme song so addicting

  4. packrat79 says:

    This was my favorite show as a kid, and I think I remember this episode. Yeah that was quite a mustache wasn’t it?

  5. tinman1102 says:

    when i was a kid this is one of the theme songs that meant it was time go to bed!

  6. marioTmaggot says:

    It’s amazing how much you can remember about something simply from getting a small glimpse into your memory.

  7. cards0486 says:

    @stiffkids2006 They got together when he guested on DESIGNING WOMEN episode ‘Dash Goff, The Writer’. But he did the show because he wanted to meet her. By this SIMON they were together already.

  8. smokes2468 says:

    @BigDickMcGirk VHS was shit.

  9. BigDickMcGirk says:

    Why would anyone miss shitty videotape? I hated that shit…always recording snow or fucking up for no reason.

  10. tnawcwvictoria says:

    @calvin114 Barry also composed the theme to S.W.A.T. and The Young and the Restless as well

  11. tranurse says:

    i remember this one. wasn’t she a prostitute??

  12. silntdoogood says:

    Man I miss VHS tracking!

  13. IamTheFilmIndustry says:

    How I miss this show and times. Great mustache-80s-stuff :)

  14. 2Sexy22 says:

    remember watching this show as a youngster with my dad…if only there were any shows even close to this today. awesome…

  15. checotte says:

    son un par de pinches jotos!!!

  16. raelAlan says:

    i loved this show! is there a DVD set? if not there should be!

  17. WordUp4Life says:

    Dude, like, I cannot believe this show was set in my hometown in San Diego!

    The opening to this show shows a lot of things about San Diego.

    I can even see the San Diego Trolley!

  18. RMVL74 says:

    Mike Post an Pete Carpenter.

  19. calvin114 says:

    Barry DeVorzon and Michael Towers, wrote the song, don’t know who performed it.

  20. Sayonarabanzai says:

    Does anybody know what’s the name of the intro?…I’m a great fan of this kind of soundtracks…teha…I was a kid too when I used to watch it…there was many of this shows and with awsome quality…”belive it or not…I’m walking on air, I never…”

  21. terren2000 says:

    i use to watch this with my mom. Nice show.

  22. stiffkids2006 says:

    Was this where they met, or were they already a couple IRL at that time prior to her appearance on his show?

  23. megamanj2007 says:

    That was how McRaney and Burke got together in real-life! Awesome!

  24. steffycalifornia says:

    Yes that is Delta Burke

  25. megamanj2007 says:

    Is that Delta Burke on this show? If so, then this was where Gerald McRaney would first meet together before they got married in real-life.

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