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Simon And Simon/ He’s My Brother

A tribute to the series Simon and Simon and the love of two brothers.

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15 Responses to “Simon And Simon/ He’s My Brother”

  1. TacoNinja777 says:

    i really like this show thatks for posting (: which episodes are the ones where rick is carrying aj?

  2. AMPAROGONZ36 says:

    Very very tender moments betwen these two brothers. They were the perfect opositives brothers that makes me small so many times. I love them! Really very good video. Thanks! 5 stars!

  3. krystalframe says:

    I found the one I didn’t recognize, “Quint is Out.” You wouldn’t happen to be inclined to share the rest of the epi would ya?
    Great video by the by.

  4. krystalframe says:

    Were all the clips from season one and two?

  5. Mir410 says:

    Thank you, I think there are a few very tender moments in this series and I just wanted to put some of them in this fan video and adding to it one of my fav songs.

  6. Lenore1963 says:

    I think this is such a cool viedo

  7. CoolEruption says:

    I made an A.J fanvid. Check my channel.

  8. Mir410 says:

    Thank you, so glad you like it, just some fan fun.

  9. LadyKnight72 says:

    Such a gorgeous song set to a wonderful show with two gorgeous brothers. Thank you and well done!

  10. xhadleyx says:

    I love this show, but I’ve only seen the first season! (which is depressing) I’ve looked everywhere for season two, but can’t find it, so I’m having to wait to watch it on Sleuth. Do you know somewhere online I could watch it?

    I love your video. It really shows the chemistry between the two brothers. I’m dying to watch the show!!! 5 stars.

  11. abfirefighterchick says:

    Do you have any footage from the episode where AJ has a stalker? Near the end of it, he is in a fire that she set. Rick comes and carries him afraid that he is dead.

    Great job with this one!

  12. Mir410 says:

    My sentiments exactly, so glad you like it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  13. tubeeorrnottubee says:

    Two things I loved right here, Simon & Simon, and this song~
    These two.. I still can’t get enough of the two of them~ I think these two, as actors, did a brilliant job of showing true, real brotherhood! Their chemistry was amazing.. they were always so in sync, it really rang true~ I’ve never seen anything like it on television since!
    The song says it all! Perfect pairing!
    THANK you, this was SUPER!:D

  14. Mir410 says:

    Thanks glad you like it.

  15. McShepLover says:

    Awesome vid!! Awesome show!! Thanks for posting and I hope that you do more!!

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