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Attempting to see if I can condense the intro of LAVERNE & SHIRLEY into under 30 seconds, which is all the time a show would have for the intro right now. Naturally this is not as excellent as the original, the point is just to capture the spirit of the original in today’s time limitations.

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12 Responses to “Shorter LAVERNE & SHIRLEY Intro”

  1. disneydanny2 says:

    this was great. i renmember in the later days of cheers when it became syndicated they’d cut the theme completly & roll the credits during what was originall7y the pre-theme opening

  2. lillockdownjr90 says:

    yeah the long version is definitely better and funnier. it’s a shame that they cram more commercials in but chop up the episodes. And then you can only see the parts they cut when you buy the $30 season dvd.

  3. DorisDayFanatic says:

    Nice job!!!

  4. sexymama1966 says:

    i loved it..and the exec. producers credits would be shown after these

  5. 7ShaunMichaels7 says:

    Yeah, we dont get many TV intros that are actually worth watchin anymore.

  6. vfreeck says:

    Good job, but I’ve noticed the only thing missing in your itnros are the executive producers.

    Even when the networks chop ‘em down, they stll leave names of the executive producers.

  7. mthivier says:

    I miss Shirley almost hitting Edna wiht the bat and Shirley’s father putting the counter down, causing Laverne to spill the beers.

  8. Jnelson09Returns says:

    Simple. Making fun of how the networks are forcing shows to cut their themes short to cram in more ads.

  9. carmesundae says:

    but why

  10. Jnelson09Returns says:

    That was the point.

  11. carmesundae says:

    this veriasson sucks and is to short

  12. Alexander7 says:

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