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Shel Silverstein on “The Johnny Cash Show”

Outrageous! I can’t believe I haven’t posted this clip already, but if I did… I can’t find it now. Here’s Shel doing a quick duet with Cash on Silverstein’s composition “Boy Named Sue,” followed by an incredibly touching solo performance of a children’s song he wrote called “Daddy, What If.” From April 1, 1970, in its entirety.

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25 Responses to “Shel Silverstein on “The Johnny Cash Show””

  1. toontownmaster08 says:

    @HCShannon yea i guess u could say that

  2. HCShannon says:

    @toontownmaster08 He doesn’t have that great of a singing voice, but he’s a good songwriter

  3. toontownmaster08 says:

    @HCShannon now its 7 :(

  4. storeugle says:

    @ mickdukes – I won’t give you the heat for your oppinion on “Father of a Boy named Sue”, but may I offer my condolences on your loss of humour ….

  5. tonyteb says:

    he wrote all of dr hooks stuff almost

  6. whitedank11 says:

    I love him but his voice is kinda annoying but its his own so its cool

  7. HCShannon says:

    6 people do not apperciate talent when they see it!

  8. mickdukes says:

    I enjoyed a lot of Shel Silverstein’s poems and songs when I was a kid but I have to say, and I might catch heat for this (but I don’t care), that I’ve lost respect for him and am frankly, disgusted after hearing “Father of a Boy Named Sue”. What a twisted, sick ending that was.

  9. 1MlCHAELJACKSON says:

    @SamuraiPirate88 I can’t fathom why either, but some miserable people will hate on anything and everything. Their loss – we’re the ones havinf fun!!!!

  10. monster9429 says:

    Shel Silverstein’s poems and stories repeatedly return to themes of overcoming self doubt. I re-discovered his work as an adult, and he was able to take me back to the important decisions of childhood without panic or “instructions.” Just for the record, I think he was an uncommon children’s poet and author, and should be remembered and reprinted

  11. SamuraiPirate88 says:

    i dont get why anybody can hate this video

  12. downthefaith says:

    all i can say is fucking awesome!!!!

  13. Thejbirdy says:

    @Siafu66 Awww, I have it autographed, he was my dad’s army buddy too.
    You have a heart of gold.

  14. Speculantscooter says:

    Shel Silverstein was a visionary, he was on a much higher level than we could ever even think to aspire to.

  15. dfuzz1114 says:

    this man was a huge part of my childhood…

  16. maxinbo says:

    I just listened to a remembering Johnny Cash program on NPR, they mentioned “Sue” was written by Shel. I didn’t know that, and was great to see this video out here, thanks for posting it!

  17. meoddball says:

    I miss uncle Shelby!!

  18. mattya1227 says:

    What a marvelous Man

  19. pizza1960man says:

    Shel was simply majical

  20. Zonarama says:

    Shel’s been one of my heroes for years. This is the first time I’ve gotten to see him perform. Thank-you!! I’M SO GOOD THAT I DON”T HAVE TO BRAG is a favorite among many of Shel’s great performances.

  21. tabitwin says:

    AHHH!!!!! HE HAD A TV SHOW?!?!?!?!?!?!

  22. rockinredneck57 says:

    @toshirodragon I knew back then that Shel wrote “Sue” and later that he drew for Playboy. Later when I married a schoolteacher, I found he did poetry and childrens books too. A very multi talented guy. She has a book of his poetry called “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. Very cool poems and illustrations too.

  23. toshirodragon says:

    @rockinredneck57 Oh yeah, I knew he wrote that one. I was 7 maybe 8 when a boy named Sue came out, so I never paid attention to writing credits.

  24. rockinredneck57 says:

    @toshirodragon He wrote the second song too, Daddy What if….it was a big hit for Bobby Bare with Bobby Jr some 25 years or so ago.

  25. rockinredneck57 says:

    Shel had so much talent it wasn’t even fair to the rest of the world!!

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