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Shel Silverstein on “The Johnny Cash Show”

Outrageous! I can’t think I haven’t posted this clip already, but if I did… I cannot discover it now. Here’s Shel doing a fast duet with Money on Silverstein’s composition “Boy Named Sue,” followed by an incredibly touching solo performance of a children’s song he wrote referred to as “Daddy, What If.” From April 1, 1970, in its entirety.
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25 Responses to “Shel Silverstein on “The Johnny Cash Show””

  1. Colingl1 says:

    Yep he can’t sing, but what a gifted lyricist. Dr Hook have a lot to thank him for. Daddy What if towards the end has some parts of the Wonderful Soup Stone there.

  2. Dawnina77 says:

    Freckin’ Priceless!

  3. BlankfrackCripledFUK says:

    @toshirodragon Shel Silverstein wrote A Boys Named Sue about his born again bisexual love interest Charles Nelson Riley,who Silverstein used to call “Sue” whenever he would go over his house for a buttphuck.

  4. hl2izawsum says:

    @abargle im 12. i ADORE THIS GUY! when i was like 5 and 6, i would stay up everynight, reading his books, these books put me to sleep.

  5. doughboydru says:

    9 ppl are suicidal…somebody get them help now!!!

  6. Mikster35 says:

    @ugoodHomeBoy 9 people disagree

  7. EmiLovey10 says:

    It seems kinda fitting that Shel Silverstein would be on a show on April 1… :)

  8. hayguylol says:

    @mattymoesc baking soda and you wouldn’t believe toothpaste!

  9. ugmodude says:

    absolutely priceless!!

  10. mattymoesc says:

    how did they get their teeth so white back then?

  11. HisEmptyHouse says:

    @ugoodHomeBoy It’s true. If there’s such thing as angels Shel truly was one.

  12. ugoodHomeBoy says:

    Shel is just one of those guys you just can’t hate

  13. psichomiko says:

    @abargle i hope so too

  14. abargle says:

    @psichomiko I have no idea. There’s just a lot of unhappy people in the world. But this is still America and people with whom we disagree have a right to voice their opinion. Look at it this way: 8 dislikes out of 150,000+ views is not bad at all! Plus, we know they are sadly mistaken, and that’s enough for me. I hope those poor 8 people get the help they need.

  15. psichomiko says:

    why would 8 people dislike this?

  16. 95stangdude says:

    You know where I can find “I’m so good I don’t have to brag”? Been trying to find that song and just can’t seem to get it anywhere!

  17. CheapCoffee says:

    Shel is why I grew up this way…

  18. Siafu66 says:

    Amen brother! Amen!

  19. Kazyman says:

    @Siafu66 Me too. I ‘ll share with you why I weep (admittedly, sometimes sob) whilst reading this or listening to Shel narrate his story. It’s because I morph this beautiful story of love to the love of us parents for our kids, & God’s Love for all of us. The SELFISH boy (all of us) & the SELFLESS tree (God) We reach out as best we can for our kids, & God reaches out the best he can without tainting our gift of free will. The Happy Prince & The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde) also gets my soul full.

  20. abargle says:

    @gregcsr Shel was every kind of genius. What a guy.

  21. gregcsr says:

    Shel was a song writing genius

  22. BrownLabRanch says:

    The grand master of metaphor! Giving Tree has made me cry since I was a little kid.

  23. youtubbs67 says:

    I always thought he was black.

  24. blastbeation says:

    Im just so glad to see one of my favorite artists live to be so happy just hearing sing makes me love my dad 10 times as more than i do. I justvwish everyone in this world could at least experience the bond between father and son. R.I.P. Uncle Shelby!

  25. pyrofella says:

    Sadly the legends like Johnny and Shel have gone – but they left us their stories and music – the memories will never die

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