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Shannon’s Furnished Bottle

This is a fully furnished, 1964 Jim Beam whiskey bottle created to replicate the bottle we all imagined as Jeannie’s home. It was created by Shannon The Bottle Genie and will auction on Ebay in September 2007, with 20% of the proceeds to benefit the WTC Survivors’ Network.

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10 Responses to “Shannon’s Furnished Bottle”

  1. Mollyearth1 says:

    absolutely STUNNING!

  2. manjunk64 says:

    Oh the pain the pain the pain the pain. :( ((((((

  3. jeanniefan4life says:

    the best bottle I HAVE EVER SEEN, just outstanding, cant believe my eyes,

  4. Ravensclaw123 says:

    WOW That looks so amazing. :D

  5. TheBottleGenie says:

    Thank you so much! Your comments made MY day! :) Barbara does not have one… it is OOAK and resides with it’s happy owner in New York. Thanks for writing!

  6. Mollyearth1 says:

    That is extraordinary!, Really Beautiful. Does Barbara Eden have one of those!. How did you get all that in the bottle so perfectly. I love the miniature props!. Totally Awesome, Thanks for making my day. I just needs a little version of Barbara in there. Great Work!, Loud Cheers from Australia.

  7. pricemodel1983 says:

    Shannon I am always impressed with your work.

  8. kittenfinds says:

    Terrific! Way to go! I Dream of Jeannie fan!

  9. manjunk64 says:

    Absolutly stunning!! Spectacular!!! What an incrediable creation and stunning bottle. The future owner of this bottle is going to be one lucky person!!

  10. jj says:

    how much does it cost

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