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Shaeffer Pen Commercial Vivian Vance 1950′s

This commercial functions I adore Lucy star Vivian Vance

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25 Responses to “Shaeffer Pen Commercial Vivian Vance 1950′s”

  1. MsMariah61 says:

    @freshair345 LOL! thats too funny!

  2. Astharot90 says:

    Everything so fake in those years…best fun 4 killers…

  3. TudorRose85 says:

    I love Vivian she was so beautiful. I always wondered why she married Fred. He looked like he was about 30 years older than her.

  4. primogennaio says:

    @MannyManFresh7 It’s integration and “diversity” that took America from an orderly, civil country to the mess we are in today.

  5. ukepenviolin says:

    Nice pen, great actress………………..

  6. cheeriosinabowl says:

    I would definitely buy a pen from Viv.

    She was such a doll.

  7. thisishowweviewit says:


  8. freshair345 says:

    A fucking pen for Christmas??? No wonder Fred was such a crank.

  9. thepackripper89 says:

    i have that pen

  10. Jeff98177 says:

    @futurepastrychef Wow dude, you need some help so here goes: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There’s some extra commas for you, obviously you ran out, so you can have some of mine.

  11. elc1960 says:

    Viv must have jumped at the chance to do this commercial. “What? I get to do something on the show without Lucy in the shot? I’ll do it! Even if it means rolling around in cow shit, just so she’s not in it with me!”

  12. elc1960 says:

    @ILoooooveCamels No shit – that was the very definition of “run-on sentence”. Plus, they utilized the “let’s misspell half the words on purpose so people will think we’re idiots” approach that most YouTubers take. Proper punctuation and spelling – are they a thing of the past? I mean, at least make some kind of effort!

  13. MannyManFresh7 says:

    WOW the 50′s Boy Whatgood time I would love to been alive in that era…Minus the segregation! Everything seem so calm, so happy then! So RELAXED!

  14. tracytcb111111111111 says:

    great ad

  15. darrylhaynes says:

    the good old days……no mexicans in los angeles…

  16. notfauxnooz says:

    Shaeffer Pens use to be MADE IN THE USA, right in Fort Madison, IA up until the 90s when BIC took them over and closed up the Fort Madison Plant for good. Sad – Shaeffer was a stable employer of the area for years. I had generations of relatives work their. Their famous WHITE DOT pen & mechanical pencil sets were frequent Xmas, Graduation, and Birthday gifts. Shaeffer revolutionized pen making in many ways. Now made in China, like so much other junk.

  17. traod8 says:

    Census records prove she was actually born in 1909, though she always claimed to have been born in 1912; hence the confusion.

  18. TuxedoRonny says:

    I wish commercials made this much sense today. Show me a product, tell me what it does, and then politely ask me if I’d like to buy is. Nowadays commercials are so awful sometimes I just turn off the T.V., or at very least mute it. I can’t stand this viral marketing, insults, lewd nonsense, bad jokes, and whatever other crap they’re forcing down our throats nowadays. May we never forget what we now view as classy “vintage” marketing.

  19. bjoh249 says:

    @futurepastrychef or 39 if she was born in 1912.

  20. bjoh249 says:

    @bongomanfromdalou I have seen sources that put Vivian Vance’s birthdate as 1909 making her 2 years older than Lucy. Although that doesn’t matter. William Frawley was a grown man when Vance was born regardless if it was 1909 or 1912. Also, Lucy Ricardo was supposed to be much younger than Ball’s actual age which I think helped make Ethel seem so much older.

  21. bjoh249 says:

    @punkimiko I really don’t blame her. On the show she was married to a man old enough to be her grandfather and as a result many thought she was around Fred’s age. I think The Lucy Show was her vehicle to get beyond Ethel Mertz as she played a divorced woman with a kid. It is just more people know I Love Lucy than The Lucy Show.

  22. cracksoup says:

    sad this woman has never had children..we cant see her legacy live on through her kids.

  23. JustJim70118 says:

    Vivian Vance was, in real life, an elegant, graceful, and beautiful woman. She was about as witty as they come.

  24. punkimiko says:

    @PchickenPcake she doesn’t like people to call her ethel thats why all the comments say viv. or vivian and why in the lucy show Lucy called her viv and its just more respectful

  25. punkimiko says:

    Viv. should have gotten a t.v. show of her own!

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